Fear of Juvenile imprisonments and executions

Iranian human rights attorney Mohammad Mostafaei today wrote :  “I was released but remain imprisoned”آزاد شدم ولی باز اسیرم

In its latest update Amnesty International wrote: “Mostafaei is accused of “conspiring against state security” and “propaganda against the system”. He is likely to face prosecution and if imprisoned he would be a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for his human rights activities and the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression and association.
Mohammad Mosatafaei was released from section 209 of Evin prison in the Iranian capital, Tehran on 1 July after the payment of one billion Iranian rials (approximately US$ 102,000). Mohammad Mostafaei was arrested in Tehran on 25 June by plainclothes security officials. He was told he is accused of “conspiring against state security” and “propaganda against the system”.

After release Mostafaei wrote  a letter to head of judiciary Ayatollah Shahrudi and referred to articles of Iranian law that are being violated by arrests without court order, treatment and the interrogation techniques used in prison , trying to get confession bind folded while sitting behind prisoner , psychological pressure and abuse , keeping imprisoned without court hearing more than 48 hours, not allowing contact with family, no lawyer presentation: http://mohegh.blogfa.com/post-116.aspx
He has not mentioned himself but one can see those are from his own experiences. Authorities knew he is a well known human rights attorney and with many contacts outside Iran.
Those unknown are treated many times worse. Here the how a typical welcoming ceremony starts in the streets of Iran:

In another article Mostafaei wrote that 29 people are being executed Saturday accused of being drug dealers, breaking God’s rules of law and Corruption (ages unknown). Validity of the accusations , or the cases are unknown. 
Nazanin Afshin-jam also recently wrote: “I am really worried with the state of terror in Iran we will see a surge in executions in the coming weeks. 47% of Iranians are below the age 18.” 
According to an unconfirmed video uploaded today on youtube , during a demonstration on Gandi St. in Tehran on 20 June, a 10-yr old boy was shot and though rushed to the hospital by his father, he died en route.

There are many teenagers among the demonstrators and it is feared that some 
juveniles have also been among those who have been beaten, injured, arrested, 
imprisoned or killed.