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Pictures of Reza Alinejad’s release from prison

This was Reza Alinejad’s picture 6 years ago when he was first imprisoned and sentenced to death.

These are his pictures now, the day of his release on December 3rd 2008:

Stop Child Executions would like to thank a wonderful lady in Japan who wishes to remain anonymous for her generous donation of $20 000 towards payment of blood money to the family of the victim.
Stop Child Executions does not directly collect donations for blood money as it can create a bad precedence for other children facing death row; however SCE facilitates connections between individuals and families who cannot afford the payment of blood money which could ultimately lead to the death of their loved ones.

Thank you again to all who helped save Reza Alinejad and those who continue to help support SCE in order to try and abolish the death penalty for children.

Reza Alinejad is FREE!!!

Stop Child Executions is happy to announce that Reza Alinejad will not be executed! 

Reza was released on Wednesday and greeted into the embrace of his emotional family. The Alinejad family spoke to SCE President Nazanin Afshin-Jam shortly after his release to thank the team for all efforts to help save Reza.  They expressed how overjoyed they are to see Reza home but were also stressed about their new financial debt. They had to mortgage their home and borrow a large sum of  money at a high interest rate to secure the diyeh (blood money) to the family of the victim.The amount cannot be disclosed at this time. Reza maintains his innocence and says that the death  of Esmail Dooroodi  was as a result of defending himself against him and the other attacker Mohammad Firouzi. More details about the attack can be found here: http://scenews.blog.com/4061368/

For more details, photos and video about Reza Alinejad’s release check back here on SCE’s news blog  in the next couple of days http://scenews.blog.com/

Reza’s case was one of the very first files that we at SCE took on after Nazanin Fatehi and Delara Darabi. In her February 2007 speaking tour, Nazanin Afshin-Jam received an email titled “VERY URGENT” from an unknown sender named Ali Alinejad. She was shocked to learn from Ali that his brother Reza had been imprisoned for 5 years and was now facing imminent execution for a murder he claims he committed in self-defense when he was 17 years old. Nazanin had not heard of this case and it was not reported with Amnesty International. She immediately forwarded the message to lawyer Mr. Mostafaei to see if he could help in any way. After reviewing the file, Mr. Mostafaei agreed to take on Reza’s case and he sent Nazanin a letter that he had written to Ayatollah Shahroudi, head of judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, asking for an appeal and re-trial.
Nazanin also wrote a a letter to the Deputy Director of the New York Office of the United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights, stating her concern about Reza’s imminent sentence of execution which was planned to be carried out within a month. Nazanin was assured by Mr. Craig Mokhiber that the file was directed to the appropriate UN human rights mechanisms for further action. Shortly after, Amnesty International issued an urgent action call to save Reza. Nazanin stayed in direct contact with Reza’s mother, brother and his attorney and reported all updates on the SCE’s website:

We at SCE are very happy to see Reza get a second chance at life. We wish to congratulate Reza’s family who worked so hard and also for having signed the SCE petition. Special thanks to the family of the victim for their compassion and to all those who worked hard to obtain Reza’s freedom especially attorney Mohammad Mostafaei for his continuous dedicated hard work.  
Also a word of thanks to the SCE team, Supporters and all those who helped bring awareness to Reza Alinejad’s fate. 
Another life is saved and we still have many others to help: www.stopchildexecutions.com/scedata.aspx
Sign the petition to stop child executions and get the word out here:


Internview about child executions and Reza Alinejad

 Source: http://rahai-zan.tv

مصاحبه مينوهمتي با آزاد زماني پيرامون اعدام نوجوانان در ايران و بطور ويژه اقدامات پيرامون پرونده رضا علي نژاد Mino Hemati interviews Azad Zamani about child execution by Islamic Regime in general and about Reza Alinejad’s death sentence in particular.


Reza Alinejad is on death row in Adelabad prison in Shiraz. His family is asking for help to pay the family of the victim to lift the death sentence from Reza. If you would like to help the Alinejad family here is their contact information:
 Iran – Fars – Fasa – Kamala Ave – Allay 578 – No 41 Account No.: 0101245977005 Account type: Siba (ATM) Bank name: Bank Melli Iran (BMI) Branch No. (Fasa): 7381 Bank address: Imam Khomeini street, at Melli Shoe three road, Central BMI, Iran, Fars, Fasa

Disclaimer: As a policy SCE does not collect money for diyeh “blood money”. If anyone wants to help pay for a child on death row’s diyeh, we can try and help connect you.

100 000 dollars in blood money

Reza Alinejad’s family had their last mediation with the family of the victim and it was concluded that the Alinejad family would have to pay $100,000 as blood money “diyeh” in order for the officials not to execute Reza.
Their home is worth $50 000 so they are using that as a security deposit. They now need another  $50,000.00. They are currently fundraising in Iran and asking some banks for loans.  They have asked that if anyone can help front some money for them to borrow in order to meet the deadline next week, they would eventually pay them back.

If anyone is interested they can write to info@stopchildexecutions.com and we will put you directly in touch with the Alinejad family.


Reza Alinejad was no more than 17 years old when he defended himself and his friend Hadi Abedini in fight with two other boys that landed him in prison for the last six years in Adel Abad in Shiraz, Iran.

He is now 21 years old.

 Reza Alinejad and his friend Hadi Abedini were on the sidewalk of Emamzadeh Hassan busy eating when they were reproached by two men Esmail Dooroodi and Mohammad Firouzi.

Insults were exchanged which triggered a fight.

The two men were concealing Nunchucks (martial arts tool) under their clothes and tried to hit Alinejad and his friend.

Alinejad defended himself with a knife in one hand while protecting his face with the other hand. Without intending to kill Dooroodi, his knife cut his neck which ended up being fatal.

For more background information about Reza Alinejad, check our archive at


How much is a life worth?


Months ago, Iran’s head of judiciary, Ayatollah Shahrudi came to the decision that Reza Alinejad’s case should be resolved through the

mediation council between Reza’s family and that of the victim. The initial 2 billion Rials (more than 200,000 dollars) requested in blood money retribution by the family of the victim was too much for the Alinejad family to afford. More negotiations are taking place on the final blood money price. If the Alinejad family does not produce the amount requested soon and the Justice department does not grant a stay of execution. Below Reza’s lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei says that Reza Alinejad   will be executed very soon. Mr. Mostafaei explains how there is enough evidence and holes in the case that requires a re-trial.

To read more about Reza Alinejad visit:

https://www.stopchildexecutions.com/Reza.aspx  and http://scenews.blog.com/Reza+Alinejad/

To help save Reza and other minors facing executions visit:




7th minor to be executed this year?

Reza Alinejad could soon be the 7th minor to be executed this year in Iran

Translated from Persian to English on Reza Alinejad’s lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei’s article http://www.mostafaei.blogfa.com/post-85.aspx


Reza Alinejad was no more than 17 years old when he defended himself and his friend Hadi Abedini in fight with two other boys that landed him in prison for the last six years in Adel Abad in Shiraz, Iran.

He is now 21 years old.

Esmail Dooroodi

With the permission of the Head of Judiciary Ayatollah Shahroudi, he may soon join the ranks of

Bahman Saliminian, Rahim Ahmadi, Amir Amrollahi, Mohammad Reza Haddadi, Behnoud Shojaei and Mohammad Fadaei, as the 7th juvenile to be executed this year.


 At 8:30 pm 5/10/ 1381(Persian Calendar) Reza Alinejad and his friend Hadi Abedini were on the sidewalk of Emamzadeh Hassan busy eating when they were reproached by two men Esmail Dooroodi and Mohammad Firouzi.

Insults were exchanged which triggered a fight.

The two men were concealing Nunchucks (martial arts tool) under their clothes and tried to hit Alinejad and his friend.

Alinejad defended himself with a knife in one hand while protecting his face with the other hand. Without intending to kill Dooroodi, his knife cut his neck which ended up being fatal.


 A lot of Investigation was done to reveal the facts.


1)       It was revealed in Firouzi’s testimony that the fight was started by the deceased who attacked Alinejad and Abedini with nunchucks. Reza had no other recourse but to defend himself and his friend. The two men hand surrounded Alinejad and Abedini. Alinejad was injured with a blow to the head by the nunchucks


2)       Mr. Gholam Hossein-Chehrenegar who was a witness attested to the fact that there is no doubt that Reza Alinejad did not intentionally kill the man. Rather it was because of self defence that the other man was killed.

3)       These testimonies reveal that this was in fact self defence and the fact that the accused had to intention of killing anyone.  Despite Alinejad being only 17 years old when this incidence happened, Court #6 in the city of Fasa convicted him on charges of murder.


The lawyer asked for a retrial and the file was sent to the court of appeal in the same city.

The judges said :


“There was no animosity between the fighting parties prior to this incident. The initiator of the fight was the deceased and his friend Abedini who used nunchucks to attack Reza Alinejad and his friend and ended up injuring Alinejad’s forehead. It was a very dangerous piece of equipment that was used. Reza Alinejad claims that he defended himself by throwing a kitchen knife and accidentally stroked the neck of the deceased which caused his death. Therefore because Reza Alinejad defended and ended up killing a man, it is right for him to be executed”.


This above verdict was cancelled and the file was sent anew to a different branch for further investigation.


4)       The file was sent to branch 101 of criminal court in Fasa city. This branch concluded that because the accused could have run away from the scene, they reaffirmed the execution once again.


This goes against the earlier witness’ testimony that Reza Alinejad and Hadi Abedini could have not fled the scene as they had been surrounded.


In any case, based on Reza Alinejad’s protest that he is innocent, the file was sent to the Supreme Court. Without taking into consideration the facts in the file, the judges issued the verdict of execution once again for Reza Alinejad.


After the death sentence verdict, the file was sent in order for the execution to be carried out.

According to article 205 of the Penal code in Iran, it is required for the execution order to be approved by the Head of Judiciary. A few days ago the Judiciary Head approved Reza Alinejad’s execution which has put him in an imminent situation to be executed. If the Head of Judiciary does not stop this execution due to the facts aforementioned, or if the family of the victim does not give their pardon, Reza will soon be sent to be executed. Iran has the highest number of executions for those under the age of 18.

رضا علی نژاد هفتمین قصاصی در آستانه اعدام


رضا علی نژاد نوجوانی است که در هنگام دفاع از جان خود که متوقف به قتل مرحوم اسماعیل درودی گردید 17 سال بیش نداشت او شش سال است که در زندان عادل آباد شیراز در حبس به سر می برد در حال حاضر 21 سال سن دارد و با استیذان از جانب ریئس قوه قضاییه به زودی به پای چوبه دار خواهد رفت. پس از بهمن سلیمیان، رحیم احمدی، امیر امرالهی، محمدرضا حدادی، بهند شجاعی و محمد فدایی، رضا علی نژاد هفتمین محکوم به قصاصی است که حکم اعدامش توسط ریاست قوه قضاییه تنقیذ شده است.

 در ساعت 20:30 دقیقه مورخ 5/10/1381 رضا به همراه دوستش به نام هادی عابدینی در پیاده روی بلوار امام زاده حسن شهرستان فسا پس از خریدن سمبوسه ، مشغول خوردن آن بودند که دو نفر( مقتول و محمد فیروزی ) به سمت آنها آمده ، و با استفاده از الفاظ نا متعارف و دور از ادب ، زمینه یک درگیری را فراهم می کنند این دو از زیر لباس خود  لانچیکویی که یک نوع وسیله خطرناک رزمی است خارج کرده و به بدن رضا و هادی ضرب و شتم وارد می کنند در این حین چون رضا جان خود و دوستش  را در خطر می دید کاردی که گاهی اوقات همراهش بود از جیب خود خارج کرده و بی آنکه قصد وارد آوردن  ضربه ای به بدن مقتول داشته باشد برای دفاع از خود به سمت جلو می برد و با دست چپ از سر و صورت خود  در مقابل ضربات وسیله رزمی محافظت می نماید و در نهایت با شدت درگیری کارد به گردن ، مقتول اصابت کرده و او را از پای می اندازد.

تحقیقات مفصلی در خصوص این پرونده با دستورات مرجع قضایی توسط اداره آگاهی صورت می پذیرد و در نهایت محزر و مسلم می گردد که :

اولا – محمد فیروزی دوست و همراه مقتول در تمام مراحل دادرسی اقرار نموده  که شروع کننده نزاع و درگیری مقتول  بوده ، که با وسیله لانچیکو به طرف رضا و هادی هجوم آورده است به گونه ای که رضا مجبور می شود در مقابل جان خود و دوستش عکس العمل نشان دهد . مسلما در چنین شرایطی راه فراری وجود نداشت تا این دو بتوانند از این درگیری بگریزند چرا که دو نفر با لانچیکو ، مضروبین را در محاصره خود قرار داده بودند و اجازه خروج به آنها نمی دادند مضافا به اینکه رضا از ناحیه سر به وسیله لانچیکویی که در دست مقتول بود به شدت مجروح می گردد .

ثانیا – آقای غلامحسین چهره نگار که شاهد ماجرا بود مراتب درگیری را به طور کامل بیان نموده اند به گونه ای که هیچ جای شک و شبهه ای بر اینکه قتل مرحوم درودی متوقف بر دفاع مشروع بوده ، باقی نمی گذارد.

3 – با وجود دلایل متقن و مبرهن در این پرونده بر دفاع مشروع و اینکه متهم هیچگونه سوءنیتی بر ارتکاب قتل نداشت و مهمتر اینکه سن قانونی وی در زمان قتل 17 سال بود ، شعبه ششم دادگاه شهرستان فسا حکم به محکومیت وی به قصاص نفس ( اعدام ) صادر مینماید این حکم توسط وکیل متهم مورد درخواست تجدیدنظر قرار گرفته و با ارجاع پرونده به شعبه ششم دیوانعالی کشور ، قضات شعبه با این استدلال که : « … بین طرفین دعوا سابقه خصومت و دشمنی نبوده و اقدام کننده دعوا و نزاع ، مقتول و فرد همراهش بودند که با لانچیکو آقای رضا علی نژاد و همراهش را مورد حمله قرار داده و نامبرده را از ناحیه سر (پیشانی) با وسیله مذکور که وسیله خطرناکی است مجروح و خونی نموده و نامبرده (رضا علی نژاد) مدعی است به خاطر دفاع از خون خود که از ناحیه مقتول در معرض خطر قرار گرفته اقدام به پرت کردن کارت آشپزخانه ای که همراهش بوده نموده و تصادفا به ناحیه گردن مقتول اصابت و موجب مرگ او گردیده به نظر می رسد مدافعات محکوم به قصاص مقرون به صواب می باشد … » حکم صادره را نقص و پرونده را برای رسیدگی به شعبه دیگری ارجاع می نمایند .

4 – پرونده جهت رسیدگی مجدد به شعبه 101 دادگاه جزایی شهرستان فسا ارسال می گردد و آن شعبه به این استناد که متهم می توانسته از صحنه درگیری فرار کند مجدد او را به قصاص نفس محکوم می نماید این در حالی است که دلایل و شواهد موجود در پرونده موید آن است که رضا و هادی نمی توانستند از صحنه در گیری فرار کنند .به هر تقدیر با اعتراض رضا پرونده به دیوانعالی کشور ارجاع می گردد و قضات هیات عمومی دیوانعالی کشور بدون در نظر گرفتن واقعیت های موجود در پرونده حکم به قصاص نفس رضا علی نژاد صادر می نمایند .

پس از قطعیشدن حکم قصاص رضا، پرونده به اجرای احکام ارسال می شود دادیار اجرای حکام نیز در اجرای ماده 205 قانون مجازت اسلامی پرونده را به نظر ریاست محترم قوه قضاییه می رساند که چند روز گذشته ریاست محترم قوه قضاییه، حکم صادره را تنفیذ و رضا رادر آستانه مرگ قرار می دهند.

در صورتی که ریاست محترم قوه قضاییه با توجه به ایرادات موجود در پرونده حکم صادره را متوقف ننمایند و یا اولیاء دم رضایت خود را اعلام کنند در آینده ای نزدیک رضا به پای چوبه دار رفته و جانش از بدن جدا می گردد این در حالی است که ایران تنها کشوری است که بیشترین آمار اعدام اطفال زیر 18 سال را به خود اختصاص داده است.




Please note that the 2 billion Rials blood money retribution requested for Reza Alinejad converts to more than $200,000 dollars and not as originally reported as 2 million dollars.

A word of thanks to Nazanin Afshin-Jam for catching the error and sorry for the mistake in conversion and the inconvenience.  

To SCE Team and supporters: Please correct this in your posts in other sites too. Thank you.

Reza Alinejad asked to pay 200,000 dollars or face execution


Following last month’s order of Iran’s head of judiciary, Ayatollah Shahrudi, to have the case of Reza Alinejad resolved through the mediation council, the family of the victim demanded 2 billion Rials (more than 200,000 dollars) blood money retribution. Alinejad’s family not being able to afford such demand , the file was sent back to office of Ayatollah Shahrudi for final approval of execution decree.
Meanwhile Mohammad Mostafaei , Reza’s attorney told ISNA (Iranian Student News Agency) that Iran’s supreme court has agreed to review the case based on the evidences presented by Mostafaei.   
To read more about Reza Alinejad visit: https://www.stopchildexecutions.com/Reza.aspx  and http://scenews.blog.com/Reza+Alinejad/

To help save Reza and other minors facing executions visit: https://www.stopchildexecutions.com/how-you-can-help.aspx

تقاضاي دادرسي رضا علی نژاد در ديوان عالي پذيرفته شد

 روزنامه اعتماد

محمد مصطفايي : موكلم توان پرداخت ديه 2 ميليارد ريالي در خواستي اولياي دم را ندارد . تقاضاي موكلم مبني براعاده دادرسي در ديوان عالي كشور پذيرفته شد

رضا علی نژاد
محکوم به قصاص با پذيرفته شدن درخواست اعاده دادرسي در ديوان عالي کشور، فرصتي دوباره يافت
محمد مصطفايي در اين باره اظهار داشت؛ طبق محتويات پرونده «رضا» 17 ساله متهم به مباشرت در قتل عمدي «اسماعيل» با وارد کردن ضربه چاقو به گردن وي است. وي با بيان اينکه قتل در 15 دي ماه سال 81 در شهرستان فسا به وقوع پيوست، گفت؛ طبق محتويات پرونده رضا به همراه دوستانش روز حادثه در خيابان فيروزآبادي شهرستان فسا ايستاده بودند که سه نفر از جمله مقتول به طرف آنها مي آيند و در اين ميان بين آنها درگيري جزيي پيش مي آيد و اسماعيل با نانچيکو چند ضربه به رضا وارد مي کند که وي در اثر اين ضربات از ناحيه سر مصدوم مي شود و براي دفاع چاقويش را درمي آورد و ناگهان ضربه يي به گردن مقتول وارد مي کند که اسماعيل در اثر شدت جراحت وارده در بيمارستان فوت مي شود. مصطفايي افزود؛ دادگاه پس از محاکمه حکم قصاص رضا را صادر کرد اما قضات شعبه 16 ديوان عالي کشور اين حکم را با پذيرش امکان دفاع مشروع نقض کردند و پرونده را براي رسيدگي مجدد به شعبه ششم دادگاه فسا ارجاع دادند که اين شعبه نيز حکم به قصاص متهم داد. وي گفت؛ بعد از صدور مجدد حکم قصاص رضا نسبت به راي صادره از شعبه ششم دادگاه فسا اعتراض کردم و پرونده به هيات عمومي ديوان عالي کشور ارجاع و اين هيات در راي اصراري حکم قصاص متهم را صادر کرد و پرونده به شعبه اجراي احکام ارسال شد. وکيل اين محکوم به قصاص افزود؛ در ادامه پرونده به تهران ارسال شد و رئيس قوه قضائيه آن را براي انجام صلح و سازش به شوراي حل اختلاف ارجاع داد.
وي با بيان اينکه اولياي دم در جلسه شوراي حل اختلاف با حضور دادستان فعلي فسا و رئيس شوراي حل اختلاف و تني چند از معتمدان محلي در ازاي اعلام رضايت، تقاضاي دو ميليارد ريال ديه کردند، گفت؛ موکلم توان پرداخت اين ميزان از ديه را نداشت و به همين خاطر بدون جلب رضايت اولياي دم، پرونده به دفتر رئيس قوه قضائيه براي استيذان ارسال شد. مصطفايي افزود؛ با توجه به اخذ دلايل جديد مبني بر تاييد دفاع مشروع در اين پرونده، اعاده دادرسي را تقاضا کرديم و موضوع در ديوان عالي کشور مطرح شد و پرونده را از دادگاه فسا خواستند. وي ابراز عقيده کرد؛ با توجه به پذيرش اعاده دادرسي از سوي ديوان عالي کشور بايد مجدداً پرونده مورد بررسي قرارگيرد.