Pleas of Behnam Zare before his death

Sadly the final pleas of Behnam Zare asking for help from the world and human rights organizations did not reach the outside world until after his death today. But he had already plead before and his family had already plead , just as his lawyer had , just as Stop Child Executions plead, just as Amnesty International did, just as European Union demanded, Just as 100’s of human rights activists and people around the world did.

But the cruel leaders of Islamic regime in Iran cared less for any pleas. After all they must continue their regime of fear and death and what better way to plant those fears but by killing Iranian juveniles. Where else to show Iranian population that those who rule them are heartless and do not care about what Iranian nations and people of the world demand.
Iranian journalist, human and women rights activist, Asieh Amini last week in her blog asked: Who benefits from this bloodshed. …and our answer to Asieh is : The ones who benefit (for now) are the ones who try to instigate fear, death and cruelty in the hearts of those who oppose their inhumanity.

Despite worldwide condemnations of murdering children, they have increased their bloodshed. They even have started interrogating those Iranians who are attempting to help save these children.

Voice of Behnam did not reach SCE and the outisde world until after his own death today. So, we will continue to play his voice for the rest of this month in all of our posting. May be his cries help save 134 other Iranian children who are standing in row to be executed by death sentences issued by the Islamic Judges and by direct approval of Iran’s head of judiciary, Ayatollah Shahrudi and blessing of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Listen to the voice of Behnam Zare (15) who was executed today : (persian)


To sign the petition to stop child executions visit: