17 year old Canadian saved from execution in Saudi Arabia

Source: AM 940 Montreal

17 year old Sultan Kohail was sentenced to 1 year in a Saudi prison and 200 lashes for his part in the death of a young man following a schoolyard brawl. Sultan’s 22 year old brother – Mohammed has already been sentenced to be beheaded for his role in the fight. Mohammed’s lawyers are appealing his sentence.

Sultan Kohail had been out on bail after spending eight months in custody for his involvement in a school yard brawl in Jeddah that contributed to the accidental death of Mr. Monzer Heraki.

“Today’s ruling by the youth court judge is significantly lesser than the death sentence imposed on Sultan’s brother, Muhammad, and their friend, Muhanna Masoud on March 3, 2008 for the same incident”, said Mr. Mahmoud Al-Ken.

“It is important to recognize that this decision was primaily the result of the judge permitting a vigorous cross-examination of the prosecutors’ witnesses”, added Mr. Al-Ken.

“This is one of the reasons why Mohammed Kohail is appealing his death sentence. It is hoped that the judges hearing the appeal will see that Mohammed and Muhanna did not receive this vital component of due process and order the initial trial court to re-open the case. The court must hear testimony from both sides and permit full cross-examination”, concluded Mr. Al-Ken.

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