Etemaad's report of Ali's scheduled execution is NOT accurate

Yesterday, Iran’s Etemaad daily newspaper reported that Ali Mahin-Torabi is to be executed in 15 days.
The news was also reported in the weblog of the Etemaad reporter , Marjan Laghaee .

This morning Stop Child Executions Campaign was able to talk to Ali’s mother and we have verified that report is inaccurate and Ali’s execution order has not been issued. Although Ali was told by prison officials that some prisoners may be executed after the Shia holy month of Moharam , but no specific official notice of Ali’s execution has been issued and therefore he is not expected to be in the list.

We remain hopeful that the new development and the witness testimony would help save Ali from execution. Ali’s attorney Mohammad Mostafei is in city of Shiraz handling the case of three other juveniles facing execution and upon return will look in to this matter further.

SCE Campaign will continue to report the news from Iran with reference to the sources as we received them, however we will not confirm their validity until it is independently verified.

To help save Ali and other children facing execution please visit: