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European Union condemns Iran over child executions

Brussels, 26 January 2009

Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the EU concerning execution of juvenile Molla Gol Hassan and mass execution in Iran

The European Union strongly condemns the execution of Molla Gol Hassan, an Afghan citizen sentenced for a crime he is accused of committing when he was 17 years old. He was executed on 21 January 2009 in Evin Prison, Teheran. Furthermore the European Union strongly condemns the execution of 21 persons in Iran on 20/21 January: ten in Teheran, nine in Yazd province, and two in Isfahan. The EU continues to call on the Iranian authorities to abolish the death penalty completely and, in the meantime, to establish a moratorium on executions as urged by United Nations


There can be absolutely no justification for the use of the death penalty by the Iranian authorities in the case of juvenile offenders, which explicitly runs counter to the legally binding provisions of international law. The European Union condemns the fact that Iran executed at least nine juvenile offenders in 2008, and urges the Islamic Republic of Iran to immediately halt the use of the death penalty in the case of juvenile offenders.

The EU further calls upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to bring its domestic legislation and practice into line with the international human rights conventions, which Iran has freely entered into and ratified, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. These two international human rights mechanisms clearly prohibit the execution of minors or people who have been convicted of crimes committed when they were minors.

Execution of Afghan national in Iran

Source: Iran Newspaper  http://www.mohegh.blogfa.com/  

According to “Iran Newspaper”, Mola Gol Hassan a minor on death row was executed in Evin prison with 9 adults on Wednesday January 21st 2008.

On November 14th 2004, 17 year-old Mola was trying to steel money from his fellow Afghan countryman Fakhr al’din where he ended up killing him. He was tried in a criminal court and was convicted of murder and sentenced to death.

Iran Newspaper had reported that it had been 4 years since the incident making Mola now 21 years old. If this news is correct, it would suggest that Mola was a minor at the time of the offence which is against International human rights law. This would bring a total number of child executions to 28 in the last 2 years.

Mola Gol Hassan’s execution is the first child execution in Iran in 2009.


 اعدام نوجوانی که در سن 17 سالگی مرتکب جرم شد

بنا به گزارش روزنامه ایران روز چهارشنبه ۲/۱۱/۱۳۸۷ ده نفر در محوطه زندان اوین اعدام شدند از این ده نفر یکی از آنها ملاگل حسن – 21 ساله -  بود كه  پاى چوبه دار رفت. وى ۲۴ آبان ۸۳ هنگام سرقت پول هاى يكى از هموطنانش به نام «فخرالدين» او را به قتل رسانده بود. متهم پس از محاكمه در شعبه ۷۴ دادگاه كيفرى به قصاص – اعدام – محكوم شد. اگر به سن وی در زمان اعدام و نیز زمان وقوع جرم دقت کنیم خواهیم دید که ملاگل حسن در زمان ارتکاب جرم ۱۷ سال بیش نداشته است. با این وجود تعداد آمار اعدام شدگان اطفال زیر ۱۸ سال در دو سال گذشته به ۲۸ تن رسید. این در حالی است که از خانواده بهمن سلیمیان شنیدم که وی نیز در معرض اعدام قرار داشته و تاریخ ۱۷/۱۱/۱۳۸۷ را برای اعدام وی در زندان مرکزی اصفهان تعیین نموده اند.