Sina Paymard will not be executed (revised)

 According to a report by Etemaad Meli newspaper and other Iranian news agencies , Sina Paymard will no longer be executed. Sina Paymard who was sentenced to death for a murder of another youth in a fight, at the age of 16, will no longer face execution after the family of the victim had received 150 million tuman ($ 160000) in blood money.

The Fars news agency reports that Sina was 19 at the age of conviction of the crime. But it is known that Sina was 16. Sina’s family, and private donors managed to collect the blood money in July. But Sina still remains in the prison until the court decide about his terms of imprisonment, hopefully within next week.

Background Information:

News Source: FARS NEWS AGENCY, IRAN HUMAN RIGHTS , Etemaad Newspaper