Les deux Nazanine (Two Nazanins) French TV new Documentary


After Nazanin Fatehi’s freedom , French Television contacted Nazanin Afshin-Jam about their desire to make a documentary about the two Nazanin’s. Necessary arrangements were made for French TV to meet Nazanin Fatehi in Iran and both Nazanin’s were interviewed in Iran and Paris. After few months of production the documentary was shown on French Television today.

In the film Nazanin Fatehi for the first time goes back to the park were the attempted rape took place. For the first time Nazanin Fatehi also reveals the suicide attempt marks on her arm, from the time period that she was awaiting execution in prison. She explains how the prison officials even encouraged her to commit suicide by telling her that they prefer to see her dead.

Film also shows few emotional moments between the two Nazanin. 

The documentary is in French language. The film starts after a short commercial by French TV: