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List of Juveniles sentenced to execution worldwide
Updated: June 1, 2009
At least 142 juvenile offenders believed to be on death row in Iran, 6 in Saudi Arabia, 3 in Sudan and 40 in Nigeria.
3 juveniles are reported to have been executed in
Iran and 2 in Saudi Arabia in 2009.
Prepared by Stop Child Executions in cooperation with Amnesty International and based on data obtained from Iranian Media, Mohammad Mostafaei and other attorneys, Parents, Emaddedin Baghi, Iran Human Rights, Human Rights Watch and other human rights activists and resources. Use of this information with reference to resource is permitted. Not for resale.

* Ages are at the time of the alleged crime. Names in red are facing imminent executions.
City or Province
IRAN (142):
Girls (4):
Akram Alimohammad (Alias: Setayesh)
Nazbibi Ateshbejan
Branch 107, Khoramabad Criminal Court, 1/May/2006
Supreme Court, 12/Feb/2006
From Semnan, she was sentenced for supplying drugs when she was 16 years old by Branch 107 of Khorramabad General Court on 1 May 2006. The sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court on 12 February 2006.
Soghra Najafpour
Soghra Najafpour is accused of killing the 8 year old child of an doctor in the city of Rasht, where she lived with the family as a maid since the age of 9. Soghra was 13 years old at the time and denied the charges. She spent all of her adult life, 17 years, in prison and is now 30 years old. Soghra was released from prison on bail in the beginning of October 2007, but she was called by the Judiciary to return to prison within 5 days, after the family of the victim demanded Soghra's execution, her family were notified that Soghra must report back to the prison authorities within 5 days. Once Soghra realized that upon return to prison she would be executed she ran away scared and has not been seen since.
Tehran Criminal Court
September, 2003
Boys (137):
Branch 17, Isfahan
Isfahan criminal court branch 17 sentenced Aadel, 15 to qesas for the murder of Alireza, 17.( No date for court hearing , reported byEtemade Meli on Wednesday 18/03/08) Aadel killed Alireza on 15/10/07 in Falavarjan, a town near Esfahan province.
Branch 77, Tehran children's court
Supreme Court, 30/May/2006
Abbass Hosseini
In July 2003 Abbas Hosseini was reportedly helping a man, a member of the Revolutionary Guard, to move furniture in his house. He says the man made sexual advances to him. Abbas Hosseini then managed to leave the house by promising that he would return with his girlfriend. In a fit of rage he returned to the house in order to "teach the man a lesson". He lured the man outside, supposedly to meet the girlfriend, and stabbed him once with a knife. The man died shortly afterwards as a result of his injuries. He had been scheduled to be executed on 1 May 2005 then his execution was stayed until 8 May 2005 and finally his case was referred to the judiciary in Tehran for review.
Abdolkhaleq Rakhshani
Branch 2, Golestan Appeals Court, 16/March/2006
from Golestan, whose sentence to qesas was upheld by Branch 2 of the Golestan Appeal Court on 16 March 2006.
Abumoslem Sohrabi,
Branch 3, Firoozabad Court
Branch 33,Supreme Court
was 17 years old at the time when he was convicted of killing a 25 year- old named Amin in Firoozabad in Fars province
Branch 71, Tehran General Court
On 21 November 2007 Ahmad, 17, was sentenced to death by four judges of Branch 71 of Tehran General for the murder of his cousin Saeed. One judge believed Ahmad had acted in self-defence, however on verdict of majority of judges Ahmad was sentenced to qesas
Branh 74, Tehran Court
Branch 11, Supreme Court, March 2008
Death sentence of another Iranian youth was verified by Iran's superior court. According to Iran's ISCANEWS, in August of 2006, 22 year old Mehdi was stabbed by 16 year old Ahmad and died in a Tehran hospital after 6 months. Now that Ahmad's has reached the age of 18, his case was reviewed by the Iran's Islamic superior court and he was sentenced to death by hanging. ISCANEWS reported that In his defense Ahmad told the court: "My father had an accident when I was only 16 years old and I went to visit him because he was bed confined at my step uncle's home. The water pipe inside the house was broken and my step mother and female cousin had to go to street to wash the dishes (using the faucet outside) and I was watching them from the window. Mehdi and two of his friends who were sitting in the street started make wisecracks at them. My stepmom and cousin came inside the home and Mehdi and his friends sent a kid to enter our yard and check up on them. I went downstairs and told the boy to leave our home. At this time Mehdi and his friends came and started to beat me up until I fell and hit the dishes that were at the entrance door. While on the ground I saw a kitchen knife that was among the dishes and I picked it up to defend myself ". It is anticipated that Ahmad's file will soon be sent to Iran's head of Judiciary, Ayatollah Shahrudi for Estizan (permit to execute)
Ahmad Jabari
Branch 29, Supreme Court, case # 39/711
from Khuzestan, was sentenced to qesas for a killing committed when he was 15. The sentence was upheld by Branch 29 of the Supreme Court.
Ahmad Mortazavian
Isfahan General Court, January 2008
Ahmad Mortazavian allegedly stabbed another boy during a fight in 2007, when he was 15. He was sentenced by the penal court of Isfahan in January 2008 and he's awaiting his appeal.
Ahmad Nourzehi
Sistan Baluchistan
Revolutionary Court, 2005
from Sistan-Baluchistan, was sentenced to death for carrying and supplying heroin, apparently when he was 12.
Akoo (or Abu) Hosseini
case # 1326, 3/November/2003
Branch 27, Supreme Court
from Kurdistan, was sentenced to qesas for murder. The sentence was upheld by Branch 27 of the Supreme Court.
16 or 17
case # 2101, Tehran Children's Court, April 2002
Branch 27, July 2002
Ali Alijan
Branch 71 Tehran General Court
Ali Alijan was taken to be executed on 20 September 2006 for a crime committed when he was under the age of 18. He was taken to the gallows and had the noose tied around his neck. At the last minute, the family of his victim halted the execution. Ali Alijan was sentenced to qesas for the murder of a young man called Behrooz in March 2004. During his trial before Branch 71 of Tehran Province Criminal Court, he insisted that the killing was not premeditated.
Ali Amiri (Afghan Citizen)
Branch 74, Tehran Criminal Court, 22/July/2007
On 19 November 2007 Afghan national, Ali Amiri, had his death sentence upheld by Branch 39 of the Supreme Court and his case was due to be sent to the Office for Implementation of Sentences. Ali Amiri was sentenced to death on 23 July 2007 by Branch 74 Tehran Criminal Court - 22 July 2007According to a 19 November report by the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), on 18 December 2005, Ali reportedly led an eight-year-old boy called Jan Ahmad (also known as Ahmad) onto the site of a partially built building in Shahriar, a city south-west of the capital, Tehran, where Ali allegedly sexually assaulted him before killing him.
Ali Hatemi
Age 17
City: Tehran
Lower Court :August 28, 2008
Appeal Court :January 2009
On November 25th 2006, Ali Hatemi was with his friend Satar Momenezhad in his neighbourhood when a fight broke out between them.
The fight started when Satar took a pen from Ali's pocket. Satar swore at Ali and Ali kicked Satar. Satar pulled out a knife and struck Ali twice on his head and twice on his hands. According to the reporter who interviewed Ali a few days after the incident, he said that Ali's wounds were really deep and that the report on the confirmation of injuries is available upon request. After Ali was injured, he also pulled out a knife and struck Satar in his thigh and side.
According to Ali and other witnesses, it was at that point that Satar collapsed to the ground. Ali, who was bleeding was taken away by his friends to a clinic. Satar was also taken away by friends. Four hours later at
ShaheedBehestiHospital, Satar was pronounced dead. The doctors’ reports confirmed that the death was caused by a laceration to the main artery in Satar's thigh and internal bleeding.
Five days after the incident, Ali turned himself into the police station where he was jailed. After several court cases, Branch #5 in
Shiraz announced Ali’s conviction and death sentence on August 8th 2008. Out of the 5 judges presiding over the case,3 of them agreed with the execution order and 2 voted against. Twenty days later the sentence was appealed and the file was then sent to the Supreme Court. Three months later, the Supreme Court once again approved Ali's death sentence. The file has been transferred to the executioner's office at the branch in Shiraz to prepare the final orders. Once that is complete, the file will be sent to the Head of Judiciary Ayatollah Shahroudi's office.
Ali was under the age of 18 at the time of the offence. and the act was not premeditated. He had consumed alcohol and did not even realize what had taken place.
Ali Nourmohammadi
Branch 24, Kermanshah
Branch 6, Kermanshah Appeal Court
Ali Nourmohammadi was 16 when he killed one of his cousins in a fight. He was sentenced to qesas by Branch 24 of General Court of Kermanshah, which has no jurisdiction over juvenile cases. All the other defendants in the case were over 18. Two others involved in the fight, Ali Nourmohammadi's uncle and another cousin, were sentenced to diyeh for injuring Ali Nourmohammadi. The sentences were confirmed by Branch 6 of Kermanshah Appeal Court.
Ali Nourmohammadi has been in prison for nine years hoping that the issue can be resolved within the family.
Ali (or Alinezar) Shabehzadeh
case # 2102, Children's Court, April 2002
Alireza Movassali Roudi
case # 4786-85 T, Qom Criminal Court
from Qom, was sentenced to death for a murder committed when he was 16.
Branch 1156, Tehran Besat Judicial Complex
Amir Amrollahi
Branch 5, Shiraz Penal Court
Branch 27, Supreme Court, 10/Nov/2007
Amir Amrollahi (18) was sentenced to death for the murder of another boy during a fight at the age of 16.
The murder took place in November 2006 during a fight with another boy, who was fatally stabbed. According to his lawyer, who took up his case very recently, Amir Amrollahi stabbed the other boy in the chest because he thought the other boy was about to attack him, and then panicked and ran off. Then, according to eyewitnesses, there was a delay of at least half an hour before any medical assistance reached the victim of the stabbing, by which time his wound had proved fatal. His family are poor, so Amir Amrollahi could not afford competent legal representation at his trial. According to a lawyer who recently took over his case, the court did not hear that the killing had been unintentional, or that he was prescribed heavy doses of sedatives while in prison awaiting trial. His mental state at the time of the incident was not properly considered.
Amir Chalehchaleh
At the age of 17, Amir Chalehchaleh and two of his brothers became involved in a fight with another group during which a young person was killed. Amir Chalehchaleh was arrested and initially confessed but later denied that he had been the killer. He was sentenced to qesas.In his appeal, Amir Chalehchaleh refuted his confession and identified one of his brothers as the killer. The brother had been released on bail and subsquently disappeared. The court rejected Amir Chalehchaleh's appeal and sentenced him to qesas.The Supreme Court initially rejected the verdict on account of deficiencies in the investigation and the prosecution case, but subsequently confirmed it. However, the Head of the Judiciary has sent the case twice to the Discernment Branch of the Supreme Court, whose decision is awaited.
Amir Khaleghi
Amir Khaleghi was 16 years old when he bought alcohol from a drug store, mixed it with orange juice and became drunk. He saw some friends hanging out on the street sidewalk close to a vendor and jokingly told the vendor not to sell anything to the other kids. A fight broke out, without premeditation, one of those involved in the fight named Ali Malekpour was striked in the chest and was killed.

Amir Khaleghi does not remember how the incident happened. He says he wandered around until he was sober and felt very sad and remorseful for what had just taken place. He went to the city of
Qom and later to Jamkaran where he turned himself into police. He explained his drinking matter and what he remembered of the incident. Branch 74 convicted him to "ghesas" (murder) which was confirmed in branch 27 of the Supreme Court.

Amir Khaleghi was scheduled for execution
May 6, 2009, but the execution has been postponed.
Amir J.
Branch 1601, Tehran Criminal Court, 22/Oct/2000
Amir Karim Bahram
According to a report by Human Rights Reporters Committe in Iran, Amir Karim Bahram who was convicted of murder during a group fight four years ago when he was 17, has had his death sentence confirmed by appeal court. Karim is being held in Mahabad prison in northwest Iran.

Amir has denied the charge from the beginning and claims someone else is responsible for the crime. He did not have lawyer during his trial, and upon the request of victim's family he was been sentenced to qesas. It is feared that Amir's death sentence be carried out soon.
Asghar Heidari
16 or 17
Branch 122, Special Court for Children, 26/October/2003
Bahador Khaleqi
Branch 1, Saqez Public Court, 21/June/2005
Branch 27, Supreme Court, 13/March/2005
Bahador Khaleqi was sentenced to qesas on 31 June 2005 by Branch 1 of Saqqez General Court for a killing committed when he was 16. The sentence was confirmed on 13 March 2006 by Branch 27 of the Supreme Court. According to details given in the verdict, on 7 May 2005 Bahador Khaleqi and some friends were involved in a drunken fight with another group during which someone was killed.
Bahman Salimian
Bahman Soleimanian is accused of killing his grandmother in 1996 at the age of 15. Although Bahman was initially sentenced to imprisonment and payment of retribution, however after appeal by the victim's kins, Bahman is sentenced to death and he is anticipated to be exectued after 12 years. Bahman is now 27 years old is kept in Isfahan prison. According to Bahman's attorney, Bahman suffered from mental problems and he was not in normal state of mind at the time of murder and he even attempted to committed suicide shortly after he realized what he had done.
Behnoud Shojaee
Branch 74, Tehran General Court, 2/Oct/06
Branch 33, Supreme Court, 30/June/07
On 18 June 2005, Behnoud Shojaee, then aged 17, intervened to stop a fight between his friend Hesam and another boy named Omid in Park-e-Vanak in Tehran. Behnoud Shojaee managed to separate the two boys but Omid swore at him, started a fight and threatened him with a knife. During the fight Behnoud Shojaee picked a shard of glass and stabbed Omid once in the chest, before fleeing the scene.
Behnoud Shojaee was sentenced to qesas (retribution) by Branch 74 of the Criminal Court in
Tehran on 2 October 2006. During his trial, Behnoud Shojaee was not afforded legal representation and was therefore made to write a request for re-examination and re-trial of his case himself. According to his lawyer who recently took up his case, Behnoud Shojaee maintained throughout his trial that he only stabbed Omid once even though the coroner's report stated that the victim died as a result of sustaining several injuries. His claims were never investigated and Behnoud Shojaee's sentence was nevertheless confirmed by Branch 33 of the Supreme Court on 30 June 2007
Benyamin Rasouli
Branch 74, Tehran Penal Court
Supreme Court, October 2005
Benyamin Rasouli was sentenced to death for an alleged murder at the age of 16. Benyamin who was unable to obtain pardon from victim's family is kept in ward 4 of Rajaishahr prison in city of Karaj and after 5 years imprisonment faces execution.
Ebrahim Goodarzvand Chegini
Juvenile offender, Ebrahim Goodarzvand Chegini is at imminent risk of execution for fatally stabbing his friend at age 17.

Iran Human Rights Activists have reported that Ebrahim was born on
June 23rd 1986 and has been in Roudbar prison for the last six years since April 2003. It was reported that he was joking with his friend and in a childish confrontation he stabbed him in the chest which took his life. His execution was confirmed by the Supreme Court for ghesas (retribution) and his family anticipates that head of Judiciary Ayatollah Shahroudi will approve his execution within the next few days. Iran Human Rights Activists have reported that Ebrahim does not have lawyer while Radio Zamaneh has reported that he only has a state appointed lawyer..
http://scenews.blog.com/5153849/ (English)
http://scenews.blog.com/5153827/ (Persian)
Branch 71, Tehran Children's Court, 5/March/2006
Branch 71, Tehran Penal Court, 2006
Branch 28, Supreme Court, September 2007
"According to the Iranian Etemaad newspaper, a 16 year old boy name Faramarz (last name unknown), is accused of killing another boy with a knife in a fight in the city of Karaj, Iran.
Branch 1157, Tehran Criminal Court
Farshad Sa'eedi
Fazlorahman Jahraz
Feyz Mohammad, 16 (Afghanistan Citizen)
Branch 122, Karaj Children's Court, September 2004
Feyz Mohammad, who is from neighboring Afghanistan, was tried and sentenced to death by judge Loqham Kia Pasha in Branch 122 of the Special Juvenile Court of Karaj, 40 kilometers west of the capital, Tehran. Mohammad was accused of stealing seven kilograms of pure morphine from his employer, a ranch owner, and giving it to a group of Afghan immigrants distributing drugs. He faced no other charges.
Feyzollah Soltani
Yazd revolutionary Court
He was sentenced to death by a Revolutionary Court in Yazd for carrying and supplying drugs, and drug addiction
Gholamnabi Barahouti
Branch 10, Yazd Pubic Court, case # 2067, 6/February/2003
Branch 27, Supreme Court, case # 89
From Yazd, was sentenced to qesas for murder and theft, committed when he was 16, by Branch 10 of Yazd General Court on 6 February 2003. The sentence was upheld by Branch 27 of the Supreme Court.
Habib Afsar
case # 1126-83 T, Qom Criminal Court
From Qom, was sentenced to qesas for a murder committed when he was 15.
Branch 122, Karaj Children's Court, January 2006
Hamed was sentenced to death in May 2007 for killing a neighbor at the age of 15. In his court testimony, he said he tricked the neighbour into giving him money, believing that Hamed meant to give it to his father. Later when the victim understood that Hamed had lied, they got into a fight, where Hamed stabbed the man. During his court testimony Hamed stated that he did not intend to kill, and asked forgiveness of the victim's family. Although the two sons of the victim did not want Hamed to be executed, his 4 daughters demanded his death penalty. Thereafter the 5 judges unanimously confirmed the death penalty
Hamed Pour-Heydari
Branch 17, Isfahan Penal Court
Branch 71, Tehran Penal Court, October 2005
Hamid (surname unknown) was sentenced to qesas for murder by Branch 71 of Tehran Province General Court in October 2005. The crime was committed on 27 July 2004, when Hamid was 17 years old. According to reports, Hamid stabbed a man, Davood Karimi, during a scuffle with several men over an incident that had taken place earlier that day. He confessed to police, stating that he had stabbed Davood Karimi because he was surrounded by several men who were attacking him, but that he had not intended to kill him. The family of the victim asked to exercise their right to retribution and called for the execution to be carried out. No further details about the case are known. From Shahriar - Sentenced by Branch 71, Tehran Penal Court - October 2005-
Hamid Reza
Hamid Reza from Gorgan. 14 when allegedly committed murder. Arrested 2 hours after the crime.
Hamzeh Setani
He was sentenced to qesas for the murder of his 20-year-old friend, Mehdi, when he was only 17. During a quarrel with Mehdi, he stabbed him and he died seven months later in a hospital in Tehran Note: a youth called Hamzeh was pardoned in exchange for diyeh in 2007 but not clear if it was the same person
Hani Momeni Yasaghi
Public Court of Gorgan, 20/November/2004
Branch 26, 9/March/2005
Branch 1156, Tehran Besat Judicial Complex
Hedayat Niroumand
14 or 15
Hedayat Niroumand from Qarni village was reported to have been sentenced to qesas in December 2006 for killing his father. Hedayat Niroumand had reportedly been arrested six months earlier - in around June 2006.
Hojjat Haydari
Branch 109 General CourtShiraz
Branch 31 Tehran Supreme Court/ Sepetember 2008
Hossein is sentenced to death for allegedly killing 30 year old Ali by a fruit knife during a group street fight on November 9, 2006. His sentence was approved on by Branch 31 of Iran's supreme court. Hoseein claims that his confession was obtained under pressure and was not guilty, although fe witnesses in court have testified against him.
Branch 37, Tehran Public Court, 11/April/1998
Hossein Azad
Hossein Azad is among juveniles who are represented by attorney Mostafaei. It is not confirmed if he is the same as other two Hosssin's (no last name) listed above.
Hossein Haghi
Branch 74, Tehran General Court5/Feb/2004
Branch 33 Supreme Court 25/June/2004
On 12 August 2003, Hossein Haghi, then aged 16, and his friend, known as Amrollah T, intervened to stop a fight between a friend of theirs and another boy, Mehdi Khalili. A number of others were also involved in the fight. According to his testimony, Hossein Haghi was held from behind, and Mehdi Khalili started hitting him. Hossein Haghi was able to free his hands, and retrieved a knife from his pocket to defend himself. Mehdi Khalili was killed by a knife wound to the chest. Upon his arrest, Hossein Haghi admitted to holding a knife and striking Mehdi Khalili to scare him away. However during his trial, Hossein Haghi denied stabbing Mehdi Khalili to death. On 8 February 2004 Hossein Haghi was sentenced to qesas (retribution) by Branch 74 of the Criminal Court. On 25 June 2004, the Supreme Court upheld his sentence. Hossein Haghi's defence lawyer lodged a petition demanding a review of the case. Though the petition was rejected, the case was re-examined, and has now been referred to Branch 33 of the Supreme Court by the Head of the Judiciary.
Iman Nabavi
Branch 4, case # 15-471/85
Iman Shirvani
Iman Shirvani is among juveniles represented by attorney Mohamamd Mostafaei.
Javad J.
Branch 1602, Tehran Criminal Court
The death sentence of Javid (20) [last name unknown] has been approved by the Iranian Supreme Court and sent to the "Ejraye Ahkam" (Enforcement of the judgment) section, according to the state-run news agency ISCAnews. Javid is convicted of a murder, in April of 2005. The report published by ISCAnews is not clear about Javid's exact age at the time of the conviction of the crime, since the report calls him "the 20 years old offender". However since the alleged crime was dated back to nearly 3 years ago (2 years and 10 months), there is a high possibility that Javid was under 18 years of age at the time of the alleged offence.
Branch 71, Tehran General Court, 12/April/2008
Branch 33, Supreme Court August 6, 2008
A court in Tehran has sentenced a minor offender to death, reported the state run news agency ISCANEWS. He is identified as Kamal (17) and is charged for murdering Shahin (24) one year ago, (10 April 2007) according to the report. It is not clear whether Kamal was 17 at the time of the alleged crime or he is 17 years old now.
Khodamorad Shahemzadeh
Sistan Baluchistan
Khodamorad Shahemzadeh from Sistan Baluchistan was sentenced to death in Zahedan for carrying and supplying narcotics following his arrest in July 2005 when he was 17.
Branch 74, Tehran General Court November 2007
Khosrow aged 16 sentenced to death for the murder of 20 year -old roomate Amin on 12 July 2007.
Majid Afshari
Branch 1603, Tehran Criminal Court
Supreme Court, May 1999
Masoud Kafshir
Masoud Kafshir is sentenced to death for killing his father and grandmother in a fit of rage. Now 17 years old; Masoud is waiting for his death sentence which is expected to be carried out when he reaches the 18 years of age. Masoud was 13 years old when he was separated from his mother. The court gave the custody of Masoud and his two siblings to his father who was a drug addict.
Branch 71, Tehran Children's Court, 5/March/2006
Supreme Court, 30/May/2006
A criminal court in Robat-e Karim sentenced Mehdi (surname unknown) to qesas in March 2006 for killing a boy, Hamid, according to Hamshahri newspaper. His brother Morteza was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for complicity in murder. According to the report, Mehdi stabbed Hamid with a knife during a fight in a park in Robat Karim, killing him. At the time of the trial, Mehdi was 18 and Morteza was 21. The incident had happened two years earlier, when Mehdi would have been 16. Hamshahri reported that Mehdi accepted the charge of intentional murder and that the mother of the victim had asked the court for a qesas sentence.
Mehdi Azimi
Mehdi Bakhtiari
Branch 74,Tehran Children's Court
Branch 27, Supreme Court, November 2004
Mehdi Ghandali
Samnan Penal Court
Branch 4 , 16/June/2006
Mehdi Pouran
20 July 2008, 2nd branch of Penal court of Tabriz
17 year old Mehdi Pouran along with 3 other young boys (Hamid Taaghi, Ebrahim Hamidi, Mohammad Rezai) were sentenced to death for alleged homosexual act in May 2008. All 4 boys have denied the charge by the plaintiffs and claim that they have made up the story because of the argument that had after they got in to fight with the boys because the plaintiffs were vandalizing the agricultural land of Mohammad Rezai's father. According to the boys later the local police in few occasions tried to obtain their confession by beating and torture which they still refused. The boys who were released on bail after one month imprisonment appeared at the 2nd branch of Penal court of Northern city of Tabriz in Eastern Azerbaijan province. According to their new attorney, Mohammad Mostafaei, three family members of the complainant falsely testified in the court. The death sentences were ordered on July 20, 2008 by the Islamic judges based on Iran's Sharia Law which allows such sentencing without sufficient proof or witnesses but only based on "'Judges understanding" (Elme Ghazi) of the case!
Mehdi Mazroui
Mehdi Riyahi
Mehdi Royahi is among juveniles represented by attorney Mohammad Mostafaei.
Branch 77, Tehran Children's Court
Supreme Court, 30/May/2006
Branch 2106 Tehran Children's Court,
Mehyar (surname unknown) was arrested in December 1999 for the murder of a 58-year-old woman in her home during a burglary. He was sentenced to qesas by Branch 2106 of Tehran General Court. He also received a sentence of flogging for possession of alcoholic drinks, and three years' imprisonment for theft. It is common in Iran that people sentenced to prison terms in addition to the death penalty serve some or all of their prison sentence before execution.
Mehyar Anvari
Branch 3 or 6, Khoramabad Public Court, 13/June/2004
case #690, Branch 27, Supreme Court
from Golestan, was sentenced to qesas for a murder committed when he was 17, by Branch 3 of Khorramabad General Court. The sentence was confirmed by Branch 27 of the Supreme Court.
Mehyar Haghgoo
Branch 102, Rasht Penal Court
Supreme Court 22 Sep 2008
Mehyar is accused of killing his abusive and alcoholic father. According to the report at the time of alleged murder , Mehyar's father was beating up his mother. Mehyar seem to have suffered from temporary insanity at the time. Mehyar's mother is jointly accused of murder of her husband. Mehyar Haghgoo's death sentence was issued by a court in the city of Rasht and approved by Iran' supreme court.
Mehyar Zamani
Branch 102, Rasht Children's Court
Milad Bakhtiari
16 or 17
case # 2106, Tehran Children's Court, August 2002
Mohammad (Alias: Seyfollah)
Branch 71, Tehran'S Children's Court, 23/Jan/2006
Mohammad Ahmadi
Mohammad Fadaee
Branch 71, Tehran Criminal Court, March 12 2005
Mohammad Feda'i attended a snooker club with his friends in Robat Karim, a town near the city of Karaj, in Tehran province, when one of his friends was involved in a fight with a group of about 17 young men. According to his testimony, Mohammad Feda'i tried to break up the fight, but a boy named Said started to hit him with a piece of wood. Mohammad Feda'i, who was holding a knife handed to him by one of his friends, then, according to his account, fell over. As Said was about to hit him again, he fatally stabbed Said once in self defence. Said was transferred to hospital, where died three hours later.The case went before Branch 71 of the Tehran Criminal Court and Mohammad Feda'i was sentenced to qesas (retribution) for the murder of Said on 12 March 2005. Although the five sentencing judges in his case found Mohammad Feda'i guilty, they also acknowledged in their written verdict that the stabbing was an act of self-defence and that he had not been adequately represented at his trial, as his first legal representative was not an accredited lawyer, and two lawyers hired later had only submitted one written defence statement to the court during his trial. Nevertheless, the death sentence against Mohammad Feda'i was upheld by Branch 27 of the Supreme Court, and has been approved by the Head of the Judiciary. Mohammad Feda'i had been due to be executed on 18 April 2007. However, the execution was stayed on the basis of the inadequate legal representation during his trial. A subsequent request to the Attorney General for a retrial was rejected, and a new execution date was set.
Mohammad Ghos
Court in Mashhad
Mohammad Ghos (son of Mohmmad Sharif) is an Afghan boy who is facing execution in Iran. Mohammad was arrested at the age of 17 in Iran and charged with smuggling narcotics. Mohammad was arrested in Havai circle of the city of Mashhad in Eastern part of Iran. He was charged with carrying 820 grams of crystal meth which he had swallowed before crossing the Iranian border with a false passport. Mohammad was from the village of Faghedan near the city of Harat in Afghanistan. Mohammad was sentenced to death by a court in Mashad, Iran and he is presently kept in Vakilabad prison.
Mohammad Jahedi
Branch 4, Fasa Public Court, 25/December/2003
Branch 27, Supreme Court
Mohammad Jahedi is sentenced to death for a murder committed when he was 16. He has spent 5 years in the Adel Abad prison of the central city of Shiraz.
Mohammad Jamali Paghale
Mohammad Jamali Paghale was 15 when he allegedly killed his friend. He was initially sentenced to five years' imprisonment by a children's court. However, the Supreme Court overturned this and issued a death sentence.
Mohammad M.
Shiraz Criminal Court, 2004
Supreme Court
Mohammad Mavari
Branch 2, Kerdkoori Public Court, 18/August/2000
Branch 40, case # 40/28
Mohammad Mavari from Golestan was sentenced to death for a murder committed when he was 16, by Branch 2 of Kordkuri General Court. The sentence was confirmed by Branch 40 of the Supreme Court.
Mohammad Rasouli
Mohammad Rasouli is among juveniles who are represented by Attorney Mohammad Mostafaei
case # 1602, Tehran Criminal Court
Branch 33, 30/September/2002
Mohammadreza Haddadi
Branch 42, Supreme Court
Mohammadreza Haddadi was sentenced to death by hanging for an alleged murder of an old man at the age of 15. Mohammadreza is now 18 years old and is kept at the Adelabad prison in the central city of Shiraz, Iran. His appeal has been denied by the superior court and the file has been sent to the division of enforcement of verdicts and awaiting the final execution permit by Ayatollah Shahrudi, the head of Iran's judiciary.
Mohammedshah Ghaderi
Branch 1608, Tehran Criminal Court, June 1999
case # 1188 , Tehran Children's Court, August 2003
Branch 74, Tehran Penal Court
Morteza Feizi
16 or 17
Mosleh Zamani
Branch 27, Supreme Court July 2007
Mosleh Zamani, who was sentenced to death in 2006, is now is facing imminent execution. His sentence was upheld by Iran's Supreme Court in early July. His sentence, which was delivered on 17 July to judicial authorities charged with carrying out verdicts, could be carried out at any time. He is held in Sanandaj.He was reportedly found guilty of abducting a woman some 10 years older than him, with whom he was allegedly having a relationship, and forcing her to have sex with him. There are conflicting reports as to whether Mosleh Zamani was aged 17 or 18 at the time the alleged abduction took place.
Branch 74, Tehran Criminal Court , 2005
Branch 33, Supreme Court, August 2005
Mostafa (surname unknown) was convicted in around August 2005 of killing an intoxicated man in the Pars district of Tehran. According to the report, Mostafa was 16 years old at the time and had been trying to stop the man from harassing a girl. The man reportedly started hitting Mostafa, who eventually killed him in the ensuing scuffle.
Mostafa says he grabbed a blunt instrument and lunged out at another boy holding him. Tragically, the blow punctured the lung of the other boy, Masoud, who died later that afternoon.
Mostafa may have been guilty of manslaughter, or possibly it was self-defence. In any case he was only 15-years old at the time. But now he is facing execution.
Mostafa Sa'idi
Saveh General and Revolutionary Court
Branch 42, Supreme Court
Mostafa Sa’idi from CentralProvince, was sentenced to death for murder in Saveh.
Mostafa Naghdi
Mostafa Naqdi.
One day in 2004, Mostafa Naqdi was riding his motorcycle when he stopped outside a school in an area called Tehran Pars. As children streamed out of the school, one of them grabbed the bike's ignition key. It should just have been a silly prank. But a fight broke out and then got out of control.

Mostafa Naqdi grabbed a blunt instrument and lunged out at another boy holding him. The blow punctured the lung of the other boy, Masoud, who died later that afternoon. Mostafa Naqdi was sentenced to death.

When he was first arrested, he was so under-developed that the authorities did not believe he was 15. Even now, four years later, he is a gangly youth.
"I know I did something wrong, but I was just a child," he said.
"I did wrong and mankind is like that. But I want to live. I know they are suffering. My family has suffered too. Not as much as them - they have lost their son[...]
"I just want them to forgive me. I can't do anything else. Their son won't come back by executing me. I can just say that I kiss their hands for forgiveness."
Nabavat Baba'I
In 2002 or 2003, a game between 17-year-old Nabovat Baba'i and another youth, Zabihollah Qasemian, turned serious after Zabihollah allegedly broke a light on Nabovat Baba'i's motorbike and fled into a nearby shop. Nabovat Baba'i followed him in and allegedly threw a metal rod at his head, injuring him. Delays in getting Zabihollah Qasemian to hospital contributed to his death. The court sentenced Nabovat Baba'i to qesas, which was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 2006. The victim's father does not want retribution, but the victim's mother does.
Naeem Kolbali
Sistan Baluchistan
Branch 102, Zahedan Criminal Court
from Sistan-Baluchistan, was sentenced to qesas for drug addiction when he was 15, by Branch 102 of Zahedan General Court.
Naser Qasemi
Branch 33, Kermanshah General Court
Branch 37, supreme court
Naser Qasemi, a resident of Siyah Kamar Sofla, near Mahidasht, Kermanshah, was only 15 years old at the time of the killing for which he was convicted. He has been in prison facing execution for more than eight years, during which he has been sentenced to death on no less than three occasions. According to the verdict, issued on 20 August 1999, Naser Qasemi went with his uncle to a farm to steal maize. The owners noticed them and tried to stop them. In the fight, the uncle's gun allegedly fell to the ground and Naser Qasemi fired it. One person died. The uncle escaped but Naser Qasemi was arrested. Naser Qasemi was tried in October or November 1999 and sentenced to payment of diyeh. Branch 37 of the Supreme Court ruled that this verdict contravened Islamic law, and subsequently Branch 29 of Kermanshah General Court sentenced Naser Qasemi to qesas. The Supreme Court then found the verdict deficient because of the lack of a confession. Branch 33 of Kermanshah General Court sentenced him to qesas again, and Branch 37 of the Supreme Court confirmed the sentence. At the stage of seeking permission for execution, the Assistant Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court ruled that the investigation should have been conducted by the children's court and sent it there for investigation. Subsequently, Branch 106 of Kermanshah Criminal Court (Children) again sentenced Naser Qasemi to qesas. The relatives of the victim want 70 million rials (approximately US$7,500) as diyeh which Naser Qasemi's family cannot raise.
16 or 17
Branch 106, Isfahan Criminal Court
Supreme Court, 1/May/2006
Ne'mat (surname unknown) was 17 when the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence in around May 2006, placing him at imminent risk of execution. Ne'mat was reportedly arrested for the January 2003 murder of his sister Zohra's husband, Haydar Ali. According to children's rights activist and lawyer Nasrin Sotudeh, he was 15 years old at the time.After his arrest, Ne'mat reportedly denied involvement in the killing. However, following interrogation, he confessed. He was tried before Branch 106 of the General Court in Esfahan and sentenced to qesas
Nemat Safavi
Ardebil Court
According to Human Rights Activists in Iran 16 year old Nemat Safavi was sentenced to death for homosexual acts. He has been imprisoned for 30 months in the Juvenile prison of the western city of Ardebil in Iran. His death penalty verdict has now been sent to Iran's superior court for final approval.
15 year old Nosrat was initially convicted of murder by a lower court judge, but was found innocent by 2 of the 5 judges in an Iranian appeal court. During the appeal process 3 of the panel of 5 judges confirmed the death penalty, but the 2 others voted against it, stating that the mental age and maturity must be given the priority. Since the 5 judges could not come to a unanimous decision, the case is sent to the Iran's supreme court for final determination.
Omarraddin Alkuzehi
Branch 101, Taft Public Court, 12/January/2003
Branch 26, Supreme Court
from Yazd, who was sentenced to qesas for murder committed when he was 17 by Branch 101 of Taft General Court on 31 December 2003. The sentence was upheld by Branch 26 of the Supreme Court.
Omid Sarani
Sistan Baluchistan
Branch 102, Zahedan Criminal Court
from Sistan-Baluchistan, was sentenced to qesas for a murder committed when he was 17, by Branch 102 of Zahedan General Court.
Rahim Ahmadi
Branch 5, Fars Penal Court, 20/January/2007
Branch 37, Supreme Court
Rahim (20) is convicted of a murder he allegedly committed when he was 15 years old. On August 8, 2005, Shiraz police were informed that a young man identified as Reza was stabbed and killed by a 15 year-old youth identified as Rahim Ahmadi, and that the attacker fled the scene. According to his lawyer, some of the judges have acknowledged that Rahim used a knife in his self defence, however Rahim was sentenced to death, and his sentenced was approved by the Supreme Court and acknowledged by the head of judiciary.

According to his lawyer, Rahim could be executed at any moment.
case # 12, Shiraz, June 2004
Ramin Golshani
Tehran Criminal Court, November 1997
Supreme Court, June 1998
Rasoul Eyvatvandi
Supreme Court
Rasoul Eyvatvandi was 17 when he shot dead one of his friends in an act of revenge. He was sentenced to qesas, which was confirmed by the Supreme Court.
Rasoul Mohammadi
Supreme Court
Rasoul Mohammadi was 17 when he was scheduled to be executed at the same time as his father, Mousa Ali Mohammadi. Both were to be flogged 74 times before their execution.
Rasoul Mohammadi and his father had been found guilty by a court in
Esfahan of abducting 40 young girls, stealing their jewellery and raping at least four of them. They apparently confessed to the charges during interrogation. They were sentenced to 25 years' imprisonment, flogging and execution. Their sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court. On 11 April 2005, the Assistant Public Prosecutor for the Office of Sentence Implementation announced that Mousa Ali Mohammadi would be publicly hanged on 16 April in Esfahan at 6.30am, and that his 17-year-old son would be hanged at the same time inside Esfahan Central Prison. However, prior to the execution, the case was referred back to the Supreme Court, apparently because of Rasoul Mohammadi's age. Mousa Ali Mohammadi was publicly executed in Esfahan as scheduled, but Rasoul Mohammadi received a stay of execution, reportedly because of ambiguities about his age.
Rasoul Nouriyani
Hamedan Penal Court
from Hamedan, was sentenced to death for rape by Hamedan General Court.
Rasoul Safari
Branch 1 Gilangharb General Court
Branch 33 Supreme court found verdict deficienct. Not clear what happened subsequently
Rasoul Safari was sentenced to qesas by Branch 1 of the General Court of Gilangharb on 7 September 2005 for a killing committed when he was 17. On 19 March 2006 Branch 33 of the Supreme Court found the verdict deficient. According to reports, on 5 November 2004 Rasoul Safari had gone to the mountains with two friends. That evening, the man who was subsequently killed went to the mountains with a friend intending to frighten Rasoul Safari and his friends as a joke. They scared the three friends by throwing stones and howling like a wild animal. The three hurried from the mountains, but the man followed them and, with his head and face hidden, attacked them with a club (gorz). This led to a fight between the man and the three friends, during which Rasoul Safari allegedly killed the man with a stab to the stomach. During the trial, Rasoul Safari denied the charge and said: "I did not carry out a killing. The confessions I made were [made] under ... torture."
case # 1157, Tehran Criminal Court, June 2003
October, 2003
Branch 2, Fars Province General Court, September 2007
Reza, aged 15, from Marvdasht, was reportedly sentenced to death in mid-September 2007 by a Court in Fars south western Iran. He was reportedly sentenced to death along with Mohammad, aged 18, charged with the rape and murder in April 2007 of Karim Tajik, aged 9, and Mohammed Shiri, aged 10. Reza and Mohammad were also reportedly sentenced to three years imprisonment and 100 lashes each. Two other defendants were reportedly involved in the case; one of them was acquitted and the other sentenced to flogging.
According to Reza's lawyer, Reza was raped the day before the murder and was made to “confess" under torture. During a court appearance, Reza reportedly said: “... Prior to committing the crime, I was raped several times by my friends who are defendants in the case. They filmed me while raping me and threatened that they would distribute the film in town if I did not cooperate with them. I was forced to cooperate with them for fear of my family's honour..."
Reza Hajizadeh
Reza Hajizadeh was sentenced to death for being the cause of death of a another child during child play when he was only 13 years old. After 5 years imprisonment Reza has not been able to obtain pardon from victim's family and therefore now that he is 18 years of age, he is facing execution. Reza is being kept in ward 2 of Rajai-shahr prison of Karaj among dangerous criminals.
Reza Padashi
Branch 71, Tehran Penal Court, 20/February/2005
Branch 37, Supreme Court,3/September/2006
Reza Padashi was sentenced to death for killing his friend in 2003, when he was 16.
Saber Sharbati
Saber is among juveniles represented by Attorney Mohammad Mostafaei.
Sadegh Ahmadpour
Chahar Mahal/Bakhtiari
Branch 104, Shahrkurd Public Court
Branch 27, Supreme Court, 23/July/2006
Sadegh Ahmadpour was sentenced to qesas for a killing committed when he was 17 by Branch 104 of Shahikord General Court. The sentence was upheld by Branch 27 of the Supreme Court on 22 July 2004.
Saeed Arab
Pubilc and Revolutionary Court of Gorgan
Branch 3, Gorgan Criminal Court, 18/July/2006
From Golestan, he was sentenced to qesas for murder
Safar Angooti
Branch 71, Tehran General Court
A 17-year-old Iranian youth who knifed and killed a rival suitor for a girl has been sentenced to death by a court in Tehran, a newspaper said on 27/4/08. The accused attacked the victim after finding out he was talking to the girl in question, the Etemad daily said. "I have killed him but not intentionally," the young man, identified only with his first name, Safar, told the court.
"I did this because I was inexperienced and I was angry. I ask them (the family of the victim) to forgive me," he said. But the victim's father said Safar had killed his son Mehdi and deserved the punishment. "I don't know the reason why they got into a fight but Safar has killed my son and he should be killed," he said.
Branch 1156, Tehran Besat Judicial Complex
Salah Taseb
Salah Taseb, son of Nameq, was born in 1990 and committed murder at the age of 15. He was transferred to Sanandaj prison yesterday (22 June 08) from Youth Offending Centre for his sentence to be carried out. He has just turned 18. He and his family have been told that his execution is being scheduled for end of Tir 1387 = 23rd June till 23rd July 2008.)
Salman Akbari
Public Court of Arshagh, 14/July/2003
case # 2-8728/7
From Ardabil, he was sentenced to death in July 2003 for a killing committed when he was 17.
Siyavash Shirnejad
Branch 107, Khoramabad Criminal Court, 9/May/2006
From Nosratan, he was sentenced to qesas for murder by Branch 107 of Khorramabad General Court on 9 May 2006
Branch 71, Tehran Children's Court, 6/Nov/2004
Vahid was reportedly sentenced to death for the murder of his friend Mehdi. He claims that he killed him in self-defence after he tried to sexually assault him. No further details are known. A youth named Vahid was executed in Evin Prison in September 2006, but it is not clear if this was the same person or not.
Vahid Latifi
Vahid is among the juveniles who are represented by Attorney Mohammad Maostafei. Not confirmed if he is the same as Vahid (no last name) above.
(Seyed) Vahid Mousavi
Seyed Vahid Mousavi was sentenced to death for an alleged of murder at the age of 17. He has been imprisoned for 8 years and is being kept in ward 4 of Rajaishahr prison in Karaj. Vahid has been unable to obtain pardon from victims's family and faces execution.
case # 77, Tehran Children's Court, 2004
Zolf'ali Hamzeh,
Branch 2, Saveh General Court
From CentralProvince, he was sentenced to qesas for rape and murder by Branch 2 of Saveh General Court
June 3 - 2004
Supreme Court,20/June/2006
Branch 101, Kerman Court
Supreme Court
At least 16 Afghan Nationals
According to the Child Rights Support Section of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), at least a further 16 juvenile offenders are reportedly held in prisons in Iran charged with drug smuggling. In October 2007, the Iranian deputy foreign affairs minister denied that any Afghan children had been executed or were under sentence of death. He said that drug smuggling was a crime in Iran and that those who do this and are minors will be tried in a special court for children, and will not be sentenced to death penalty. In fact, anyone who commits this crime, be they Iranian or foreigners will be dealt with through legal channels. On 2 November 2007, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul summoned the Iranian representative there to complain, amongst other things, about reports that Afghan minors had been sentenced to death for smuggling drugs. The Deputy Foreign Minister, Mohammad Kabir Farahi reportedly said these children are being misused by drug smugglers and their conviction is contrary to human rights, international standards and the very good relations between two countries."