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Thank you!

The Stop Child Executions Campaign is made possible with efforts of many individuals and organizations. To name only a few we especially would like to thank the following:

Amnesty International - for their constant work on behalf of minors and human rights issues in Iran and for their continued collaboration (especially the UK and German office).

Mohammad Mostafaei - Attorney - (Iran) - for representing Nazanin Fatehi and Reza Alinejad.

Shadi Sadr - Attorney - (Iran) - for representing Nazanin Fatehi.

Abdolsamad Khoramshahi - Attorney - (Iran) - for representing Delara Darabi.

Nasrin Sotoudeh - Attorney - (Iran) - for representing Sina Paymard.

Mina Ahadi - Head of Internal Committee against Executions - (Germany) - Co-authoring and presentation of the resolution by European parliament members to end child executions in Iran and continuous support of campaign.

Honorable Belinda Stronach - Member of Parliament - (Canada) - Continuous support.

Honorable Senator Rod Zimmer - (Canada) - Continuous support.

Nima - (Canada) - Assisting in building the website and hosting support.

Vincent Maunoury - (France) - Continuous support in research and development and translation of petition to French.

Ali Adab - Bodog Entertianment - (Canada) - Continuous support in media relations.

Inas Younis - Writer - (USA) - Initial edit of the petition draft.

Chey Peters - Writer -(USA) - Initial edit of the petition draft.

Shirin K - International Law attorney - (UK) - Initial legal review of petition.

Jackeline Alegria - Attorney - (Guatemala) - Translation of petition to Spanish.

Babak Djampour - www.initiativ-iran.org -(Sweden) - Translation of petition to Swedish

Mehdi Nodehi - www.initiativ-iran.org -(Sweden) - Translation of petition to Swedish

Krzysztof PacyƱski - (Poland) - For setting up Delara Darabi website in Polish.

Graham Greene - Musician - (Australia) - Music dedication and support.

Nina L. - Student - (Canada) - Translation and campaign support.

Mahan - (USA) - Design and continuous campaigning

Jen Hoey - (USA) - Continuous campaigning.

Linda Halverstadt -(USA) - Continuous campaigning.

Pia - (Sweden) - Translating, Lobbying and campaigning.

Farhad Nabipour "Amir" - (New Zealand) - Artist Contributions

Hazel Sawyer - (UK) - Artist Contributions and campaigning

Manocher - (Sweden) - Lobbying

Shahrzad Bakhtiar- (Germany) -Translation

Save the Children - (Sweden) - Campaign support