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Nazanin Afshin-Jam Speaks at Solidarity Rally July. 13 2009
Nazanin Afshin - Jam at The Wall of Shame Rally in New York Sept. 08
Makwan - A Letter from Paradise Parental Guidance Suggested
SCE Collage 28.3.2007
A Prisoner of Colors A documentary about [Delara Darabi]
Execution of a Teenage Girl A documentary about [Atefeh Rajabi]
Nazanin Afshin - Jam on CBC TV Vancouver
Save Nazanin Fatehi - Update on CBC TV
NAZANIN - Save this Child from Execution by Hanging 'Everyday Hero' on Global
Les deux Nazanine (Two Nazanins) French TV new Documentary
The Tale of Two Nazanins Part 1 [English translation] A documentary about [Nazanin Fatehi]
The Tale of Two Nazanins Part 2 [English translation]A documentary about [Nazanin Fatehi]
Someday A Music Video by Nazanin Afshin-Jam
Nazanin MySpace Campaign Video by David Etebari
4 of the killers of Iraqi Kurdish girl arrested (Doa) CNN Report: (Warning : GRAPHIC SCENES)
I Was Scared 18+ RESTRICTIONS - Video collage by PDDUB
Someday (Persian)
Is There Anybody Out There?
Resonance (Spirit of Man) Resonance Project Music Video - Donna Greene
Sina Paymard Facing Imminent Execution Sina has since been saved.