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References to child execution in Amnesty's report Death Sentences and Executions 2013 

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  • At least 3 child executions in Saudi Arabia (confirmed – see p10 & p45), Possible child executions in Iran and Yemen (p38)
  • Child offenders remain on death row in Iran, Maldives, Nigeria, Pakistan and Yemen (see p10)
  • Law in Brunei Darussalam continues to use puberty, not age (p21)
  • Maldives sentenced juvenile offenders to death in juvenile court (p26)
  • Pakistan suspended executions of two juvenile offenders (p28)
  • Tonga refused to amend laws to end possibility of child execution (UPR recommendations – p30)
  • Reports of at least 11 child executions in Iran (p39)
  • Gaza: Hamas executed one man for several crimes including one allegedly committed while under the age of 18 (p44