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You may have observed that we do not update the SCE website as frequently as we have in the past. The reason is that due to increased persecution by the Iranian Regime many of our sources of information in Iran have been imprisoned, have fled the country or are fearful to communicate with us and thus it is more difficult to obtain current information. Additionally, we have to be very cautious about the information we post if it can be used to identify a particular source. The increased persecution by the government of Iran is an indication that the Regime is failing and that the efforts of human rights workers around the world are taking a toll. Please be assured that while we cannot post everything that is happening we will keep you advised of information we can post and we will continue vigorously in our fight for the freedom of children suffering persecution in Iran and in other nations around the world.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam
President and Co-Founder
Stop Child Executions