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Stop Child Executions have not been able to personally verify the news, however this was reported today in the Times of India.


KABUL: Suspected Taliban militants executed a seven-year-old boy in southern Afghanistan after accusing him of spying for the government, a provincial official said Wednesday.

The child was captured by the militants in Sangin district of southern province of Helmand Tuesday, Daoud Ahmadi, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said.

"The militants killed the seven-year-old boy in Heratiyan village of the district, on charges of espionage for Afghan government," Ahmadi said, citing information provided to police by relatives.

Most areas of the district are controlled by Taliban militants, while Afghan and foreign troops are only present in the centre, he said.

The Taliban had not yet comment on the reported incident.

After being driven from power in late 2001, Taliban militants have killed dozens of people accused of spying. But Tuesday's incident was the first time a child was reportedly executed.

The Taliban insurgents are most active in southern Afghanistan, where US and NATO forces are planning a major offensive this year.