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Sina Paymard

Sina Paymard:

Sina Paymard, a musician, was convicted of murder after a dispute with a man over cannabis in 2004. Sina Paymard reportedly told the Court that he was addicted to drugs and had gone to a park in Tehran on the day of the incident to try and obtain cannabis from a drug dealer. He allegedly stabbed the drug dealer to death during a fight. According to his lawyer, the sentencing court did not properly consider evidence that Sina Paymard suffered from a mental disorder.
The Supreme Court upheld the death sentence, and he was scheduled to be hanged on September 20, 2006, two weeks after his 18th birthday. When he was taken to the execution site, where the noose was placed around his neck, he was asked if he had a last request. Sina asked if he could play the flute. According to reports, the family members of the victim who were present to witness the execution were very moved by his playing, and agreed to forgive him and accept the payment of diyeh (blood money). In Iran, family members are asked just before the execution is carried out if they wish to forgo their right to retribution and forgive the condemned.

Sina's death sentence was overturned after the family of the victim received 150 million tuman ($ 160000) in blood money. Sina’s family, and private donors managed to collect the blood money in July.

On December 24, 2007 Sina was released after spending 3 1/2 years in prison.