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SCE welcomes Hannah to our family of volunteers!

About Hannah Bahmanpour (Canada)

Hannah was born in Tehran, but her parents immigrated to Canada when she was seven years old, in hopes of liberty and a better future. Since childhood she has known that she wants to spend her life advocating and helping others in the fight for human rights.

Currently, Hannah is completing her undergrad in a Bachelor of Honours in Criminology, and hopes to continue by obtaining a Masters degree in public policy or international relations and finally pursuing a law degree.  In addition, she is an executive member of the Criminology Society, a member of AIDWYC (Association in the Defence for the Wrongly Convicted), a police auxiliary officer and a certified mediator working on the Iranian Family Well-Being Project.

After hearing about Nazanin Afshin-Jam’s work to save Nazanin Fatehi from execution, Hannah felt certain that this was the direction she wanted her life to head towards.  She will be managing the SCE twitter and Iranian.com blog and is working towards expanding SCE to facilitate a group of volunteers in Toronto. 

Hannah says: “With all of the hard work and continuous fight for justice, I am optimistic that we will see change in the near future!”

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