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Amnesty UK sends group 'thinking of you' photo to Delara Darabi

During their Annual General Meeting, Amnesty International UK asked all the attendants to sign a petition for for Delara Darabi. In a letter to Stop Child Execution campaign Amnesty wrote: “They took a photo of them holding cards saying ‘thinking of you’ in Farsi, which they are going to send to her lawyer.”

In a webpage called Stop Child Executions in IranAmnesty UK features has featured few of the Iranian Youth facing executions with letters/petitions that are addressed Iranian authorities: 

AI has obtained more than 14,000 signatures on a Amnesty International petition for Delara Darabi directed to  Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of Islamic Republic of Iran. Delara Darabi’s Amnesty letter in English can be viewed at the Norway site of Amnesty International as the petition in UK has been closed at their annual conference.

After delivering Delara’s signed petition to Iranian embassy in Norway, a member of the Amnesty International Norway wrote :” …they claimed that she would not be executed. At the same time, they said “this case does not actually exist”. We were not allowed inside the Embassy, but a representative came out, accepted the petition lists, and then told us to leave. “.

Both Amnesty Internationals of UK and Norway have referred their readers to  Visit the ‘Help Delara’ myspace page, myspace.com/helpdelara .  Many of the myspace friends of Delara Darabi have obtained signatures from their friends and family and have also been responsible for smaller campaigns outside myspace with mass emails, arts, school projects etc. Delara’s online petition created and written by Mani Azizzadeh has surpassed 10,000 signatures to date 

Stop Child Executions Campaign has urged the Iranian authorities to halt the executions of alleged child offenders and instead encourage fair trials in accordance with international laws. Following open petitions and letters meet SCE demands: 

Stop Child Executions Petition

Save Delara Petition 

Stop Child Executions in Iran letter (Amnesty International)

Delara Darabi letter  (Amnesty International)

Abbas Hosseini and Rasoul Mohammadi letter (Amnesty International)

Ali Mahin Torabi letter (Amnesty International)

Sources: Amnesty International (AI), Delara Darabi myspace

Amnesty International: Now up to 35 Iranian children facing execution.

Amnesty International (UK) increased its previous estimate of 21 Iranian youth on execution row up to 35. Stop Child Executions Campaign within less than one month of its inception has located 32 minors with execution verdicts.

The Iranian authorities have denied their execution of child offenders. On 20 January 2005 they reported to the Committee on the Rights of the Child that such executions had been suspended. On the very same day, Iman Farrokhi was hanged in Tehran for a crime he committed when he was 17.

There are currently 29 names listed on THE ROW page of SCE campasite and 3 more being added:

Abbass Hosseini and Rasoul Mohammadi: 

Abbass was sentenced to death for murdering a man in what he claims was self-defence. Rasoul was sentenced with his father for a number of crimes they committed together. Both Abbass and Rasoul have received stays of execution, however Rasoul’s father was still publicly executed. In neither case have the Iranian authorities ruled out setting a new date for execution.