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Iraqi feminist signs petition to save Delara Darabi

14908. Yanar Mohamad President Editor-in-chef of Al Mosawat/President of organization Women’s Freedom in Iraq

Yanar Mohamad signed the petition to save Delara Darabi from execution. She is the head of the Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), is a renowned activist, and highly regarded in the world today for her brave efforts in defending women’s rights in Iraq. She and the OWFI have been at the forefront of raising Iraqi women’s awareness of their rights, fighting for an egalitarian secular state and full equality for women, as well as advocating for the separation of religion from the state and educational system which is a precondition for guaranteeing women’s rights in Iraq.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam and SCE Campaign thank Ms. Mohamad for joining the campaign to save Delara Darabi. 

Nealy 15,000 have signed Delara’s petition to date.   

Irshad Manji, Muslim author activist, asks Muslims to speak out against child executions

Muslim writer and activist IRSHAD MANJI signed the petition to Stop Child Executions in Iran. In a letter to Nazanin Afshin Jam she wrote : “I’m attaching a “prayer” from the reform-minded Muslims of Project Ijtihad, asking all Muslims of conscience and compassion to speak out against children executions now.”

Nazanin Afshin-Jam and SCE Campaign greatly appreciate Ms. Irashad Manji’s and project Ijtihad’s support of the campagin to stop child executions.

6304. Irshad Manji Canada Author and Founder, Project Ijtihad

About Irshad Manji:  Irshad is a Canadian feminist Muslim, author, journalist, and activist. She is a well-known critic of radical Islam and orthodox interpretations of the Qur’an, calling herself a “Muslim refusenik”. The New York Times has dubbed Irshad Manji “Osama Bin Laden’s worst nightmare.” She takes that as a compliment. Irshad is the best-selling author of The The Trouble with Islam Today : A Muslim’s Call for Reform in Her Faith. The book has been published in 25 languages. In those countries that have banned her book, she is reaching readers by posting free translations in Arabic, Urdu, and Persian on her website at http://www.muslim-refusenik.com. Irshad Manji also maintains a myspace website. 

Irshad also travels the globe to lecture about the liberal reformation of Islam. Her audiences include Amnesty International, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the United Nations Press Corps, the Democratic Muslims of Denmark, the National Committee on American Foreign Policy, the International Women’s Forum, the Swedish Defense Research Agency, the Pentagon, the Jean Jacques Rousseau Institute, and universities from Cambridge to Notre Dame. Currently, Irshad is a Senior Fellow with the European Foundation for Democracy. She writes columns that are distributed worldwide by the New York Times Syndicate. She is also making a feature film about Islam. Among the ideas it will showcase is “ijtihad,” Islam’s lost tradition of independent thinking. has appeared on numerous television networks worldwide. US PBS Television network recently broadcasted a documentary by Irshad Manji titled: Faith without fear.  

As a social entrepreneur, Irshad has launched Project Ijtihad, an initiative to develop the world’s first leadership network for reform-minded Muslims. In that capacity, she was recently named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Oprah Winfrey honored Irshad with the first annual Chutzpah Award for “audacity, nerve, boldness and conviction.” Ms. magazine chose Irshad as a “Feminist for the 21st Century.” Maclean’s, Canada’s national news magazine, selected her one of ten “Canadians Who Make a Difference.” And the Jakarta Post in Indonesia — the world’s largest Muslim country — identified Irshad as one of three women creating a positive change in Islam today.

Growing support of SCE Campaign in Europe




6165. May Hansen Norway MP



5546. Jan Ericson Sweden Member of Parliament (m)
5553. Rolf K Nilsson Sweden MP
5579. Tomas Tobé Sweden Member of Parliament
5582. Maria Östberg Svanelind Sweden Member of Parliament
5593. Inger René Sweden Mp
5664. Ewa Thalén Finné Sweden MP
5696. Walburga Habsburg Douglas Sweden MP
5698. Mats G Nilsson Sweden Member of Parliament
5756. Peter Radberg Sweden Member of parliament
5906. Göran Montan Sweden MP





5702. Lars Holmgren Sweden Save the Children
5701. jennie Bohman Sweden Save the children
5700. Annika Karlsson Sweden Save the children
5712. Åsa Pedersen Sweden Save the Children Sweden Regional Office Göteborg
5740. Yvonne Enochsson Sweden Save The Children, Sweden



Signatures Per Month:

Month Signatures
2007.03 1323
2007.04 1646
2007.05 3180

چگونه می توانید کمک کنید؟

A word of thanks to Nina for translation of How You Can Help Page to Persian.

با امضا کردن بیانیه

– با تماس حاصل کردن با تمام آشنایان خود و درخواست امضا کردن بیانیه

– با پست کردن آدرس این سایت در بلاگ ها، بحث های عمومی بر روی اینترنت و یا سایت های چت

– با نوشتن نامه های شخصی به سازمان ملل متّحد و درخواستِ تحت فشار گذاشتن دولت ایران در متوقّف کردن اعدام نوجوانانی که در حین ارتکاب جرایم، زیر ١٨ سال سن داشتند. نامه ها را لطفاً به دبیر کل سازمان ملل متّحد “بَن کی مون” و کمیسر ارشد حفظ حقوق انسانی “لوئیس آربر” به آدرس زیر ارسال فرمایید:

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon and
UN High Commissioner of Human Rights, Louise Arbour at Petitions Team
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Fax: 41 22 917 9022
(particularly for urgent matters)
E-mail: tb-petitions@ohchr.org

– با نوشتن نامه به مقامات رسمی و مسئولین در ایران

– با نقل کردن موقعیت این نوجوانان به رسانه های محلی خود

– با نوشتن نامه به رهبران کشورها، سیاست مداران، وزیر امور خارجه و یا نمایندگان مجلس در محل خود

– با نوشتن به سازمان های بین الملل

Swedish Politicians' support of SCE petition multiplies.











Stop Child Executions Campaign greatly appreciate the overwhelming support of Swedish Parliamentary members:

2025. gudrun utas sweden

Member of Parliament

2028. Jenny Fors Sweden political secretary on environment

Member of Parliament

2051. Egon Frid Sweden Member of the parliment
2053. Mats Einarsson Sweden Councillor, Left Party

member of Parliament

2054. Gunilla Wahlén Sweden MP

Member of Parliament

2070. Eva Olofsson Sweden Member of parlament
2080. Elina Linna Sweden Member of Parliament
2095. Lars Ohly Sweden President of the Left Party, MP

Member of Parliament

2101. Anki Ahlsten Sweden Party secretary
2100. Rossana Dinamarca Sweden Member of Parliament
2108. Mats Sander SWEDEN Member of Parliament
2116. Åsa Kemppi Sweden

Member of Parliament

2126. Ulla andersson Sweden

Member of Parliament

2142. Ewa Larsson Sweden Chair of the Green Women

Former Member of Parliament

SCE encourage our campaign supporters to contact your country leaders & politicians, your local members of parliament and your minister of foreign affairs asking them to join the other worlld politicians in signing the SCE petition demanding the Government of Iran to stop child executions as well as asking the UN offices to demand Iran to comply with signed treaties. . (US Officials can be found here)

A word of thanks to Pia and Manocher for their continuous lobbying efforts in Sweden.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam on the campaign to stop child executions and human right violations in Iran

Nazanin met with the first elected female head of state in Africa, president of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, at a luncheon organized by The Canada 20/20 Public Policy Conference. The president was invited by Canadian Member of Parliament Belinda Stronach.




Senator Rod A. Zimmer rose in the Canadian Senate to recognize Nazanin’s efforts in the Save Nazanin Campaign and to encourage the members of the Senate to support the new Stop Child Executions Campaign www.stopchildexecutions.com









Nazanin at a meeting with Mr. Stephen Harper the Prime Minister of Canada emphasized the importance of Canada taking an international leadership role in stopping the human and children violations in Iran.


Nazanin Afshin-Jam discussing the human right violations in Iran at a meeting with Canadian foreign minister, Peter MacKay.







At the Canadian Parliament Human Rights subcommitte hearing with Secretary of state Jason Kenny.






Stop Child Executions and Nazanin Afshin-Jam greatly appreciate the efforts of the Canadian government leaders in helping bring international awareness to the human rights and children rights violations in Iran. We also very much appreciate the opportunity to meet and discuss our concerns with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Republic of Libera.


The Stop Child Executions Campaign is made possible with efforts of many individuals and organizations. Here are more names to add to our previous list. We would like to thank the following individuals for their restless refforts:

Lucy D. Biltz – (USA) - – Continuous campaigning 
Melanie Needham (Canada) – Art and continuous campaigning 
Dave Rea (USA) - Continuous campaigning 
Mahan (USA)- Design and continuous campaigning 
Niki (USA) - Continuous campaigning 
Jen Hoey (USA) - 
Continuous campaigning
Linda Halverstadt (USA)  
Continuous campaigning 
Please contact us if you can help in any of these areas:
Web Site
Arts & Graphics
Research (English) (Persian)
Campaigning (English) (Persian)
Translations (English to Persian) (Persian to English)
Other (Explain)


The Stop Child Executions Campaign is made possible with efforts of many individuals and organizations. To name only a few we especially would like to thank the following individuals and organizations:

Amnesty International
– for their constant work on behalf of minors and human rights issues in Iran and for their continued collaboration (especially the UK and German office)

Mohammad Mostafaei – Attorney – (Iran) – for representing Nazanin Fatehi and Reza Alinejad

Shadi Sadr – Attorney – (Iran) – for representing Nazanin Fatehi

Abdolsamad Khoramshahi – Attorney – (Iran) - for representing Delara Darabi

Nasrin Sotoudeh – Attorney – (Iran) - for representing Sina Paymard

Mina Ahadi – Head of Internal Committee against Executions – (Germany) – Co-authoring and presentation of the resolution by European parliament members to end child executions in Iran and continuous support of campaign.

Honorable Belinda Stronach – Member of Parliament (Canada) for continuous support

Honorable Senator Rod Zimmer – (Canada) – for continuous support

Vincent Maunoury – (France) – Continuous support in research and development and translation of petition to French.

Ali Adab – Bodog Entertianment – (Canada) – Continuous support in media relations.

Inas Younis – Writer – (USA) – Initial edit of the petition draft.

Chey Peters – Writer – (USA) – Initial edit of the petition draft.

Shirin K – International Law attorney – (UK) – initial legal review of petition.

Jackeline Alegria – Attorney – (Guatemala) – Translation of petition to Spanish.

Krzysztof Kaczynski – (Poland) – For setting up Delara Darabi website in Polish

Graham Greene – Musician – (Australia) – Continuous help and support.

Nina L. – Student – (Canada) – Translation and campaig support

More names soon