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Reza Alinejad's case was ordered to be mediated

The following is the text of an email that was sent earlier today to Nazanin Afshin-Jam by Ali Alinejad about his brother : Reza Alinejad who is facing execution in Iran for an alleged murder at the age of 17.

Hello Miss Nazanin

I hope everything is good with you.
The file of Reza (Alijejad) came back from the office of Mr, Shahrudi to (city of) Fasa and the order is to resolve the case through the mediation council . I have enclosed the text of the order in (MS) word format.
The mediation councils have been formed in different cities in the past 2, 3 years and are operating under the supervision of the judiciary branch…….

thank you so much
Ali Alinejad  

Text of the order by Aytollah Shahrudi, the head of Iran’s judiciary, about Reza Alinejad:

“Considering the age of the convicted and the unintentional circumstances that he was faced, the file is ordered to be returned to judiciary court in (city of) Fasa. Through Mediation council or by any other means; more efforts and attempts must be made in order to bring a resolution between parents of the victim and the murder convict. Results are to be reported back.”

                                                                               * * *
Background Information:

During her February 2007 speaking tour, Nazanin Afshin-Jam received an email titled “VERY URGENT” from an unknown sender named Ali Alinejad. She was shocked to learn from Ali that his brother Reza had been imprisoned for 5 years and was now facing imminent execution for a murder he claims he committed in self-defence when he was 17 years old. Nazanin had not heard of this case and it was not reported with Amnesty International. She immediately forwarded the message to Nazanin Fatehi’s lawyer Mr. Mostafaei to see if he could help in any way. After reviewing the file, Mr. Mostafaei agreed to take on Reza’s case.

Later Mr. Mostafai sent Nazanin a letter he had written to Ayatollah Shahroudi, head of judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, asking for an appeal and re-trial. In his plea, Mr. Mostafaei explained that Reza was eating with his friend Hadi Abedini on the sidewalk, in the city of Shiraz, when they were approached by two men named Esmail Daroudi and Mohammad Firouzi who started harassing them with profanities. They proceeded to attack Reza and his friend with a nunchaku (a Japanese weapon used in martial arts). Reza’s friend testified that the two attackers had surrounded them and they were not able to run away. Reza was seriously injured by a blow to the head. While Reza was defending himself, Esmail Daroudi was stabbed and killed. Another person who had witnessed what had happened testified that Reza was defending himself. The friend of the man who was killed allegedly also testified that the fight was initiated by them and that they attacked Reza and his friend with a nunchaku.

In his letter, attorney Mr. Mostafaei, concluded that the murder was unintentional. He stressed that due to the fact that Reza was only 17 years old at the time of offence, he should not be executed because Iran is signatory to UN covenants that prohibit the executions of minors for alleged crimes committed below the age 18.

to read more about Reza Alijenjad who was accused of murder at the age of 16 click on the following links:

http://www.stopchildexecutions.com/Reza.aspx    and    http://scenews.blog.com//Reza+Alinejad/

Nazanin talks to mothers of Delara Darabi and Reza Alinejad

Nazanin Afshin-Jam spoke with Reza Alinejad’s mother this morning who informed her that Reza’s file had been sent to Tehran and that decisions were being made. With the lawyers that are helping him in Iran and the support from the International communtiy, they are hoping for a positive outcome. Reza mother’s reported that her son is happier since having moved to a different cell in prison. He is a more comfortable with the new inmates that he has come into contact with and says there are not the same amount of fights that used to take place in his old division.
Nazanin Afshin-Jam also spoke with Delara Darabi’s mother this morning who said that Delara’s file seems to be stagnant and they have no idea what is taking place or what will take place. Mrs. Darabi admitted that although Delara seems to be happier with the environment of her new prison cell, she is still not doing very well, because “prison is prison afterall”. Her family tries to continue  to bring  hope to Delara.

Reza Alinejad's brother sends a signed Petition to SCE

In a email to Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Ali Alinejad, brother of Reza Alinejad attached a letter that was prepared by Reza’s attorney with about 300 signatures on petition in Persian for Reza Alinejad. The letter addressed to head of Iran’s Judiciary Ayatollah Sharudi and the signed petition can be found here:



رياست محترم قوه قضايه

حضرت آيت الله شاهرودي

ما امضا كنندگان اين نامه احتراما پيرامون حكم اعدام رضا علي نژاد جواني كه در هنگام دفاع از جان خود كه متوقف به قتل

مرحوم اسماعيل درودي گرديد و در هنگام اين حادثه 17 سال بيش نداشته، مراتب ذيل را در جهت اعتراض شديد خود به

دادنامه هاي صادره عليه ايشان كه بر خلاف قانون حكم به مجازات اعدام اصرار يافته، اعلام م يداريم و خواستار آزادي وي

(رضا علي نژاد) هستيم:

1381/10/ رضا شش سال است كه در زندان عادل آباد شيراز در حبس به سر مي برد. در ساعت 20:30 دقيقه مورخ 5

نامبرده به همراه دوستش به نام هادي عابديني در پياده روي بلوار امام زاده حسن شهرستان فسا پس از خريدن سمبوسه،

مشغول خوردن آن بودند كه دو نفر (مقتول و محمد فيروزي) به سمت آنها آمده، و با استفاده از الفاظ ن امتعارف و دور ازادب، زمينه يك درگيري را فراهم م يكنند. اين دو از زير لباس خود نانچيكويي كه يك نوع وسيله خطرناك رزمي است

خارج كرده و به بدن رضا و هادي ضرب و شتم وارد م يكنند در اين حين چون رضا جان خود و دوستش را در خطر مي ديد

كاردي كه گاهي اوقات همراهش بود را از جيب خود خارج كرده و بي آنكه قصد وارد آوردن ضرب هاي به بدن مقتول داشته

باشد براي دفاع از خود به سمت جلو م يبرد و با دست چپ از سر و صورت خود در مقابل ضربات وسيله رزمي محافظت

مي نمايد و در نهايت با شدت درگيري كارد به گردن مقتول اصابت م يكند.

در تحقيقات انجام شده مشخص مي شود: شروع كننده نزاع و درگيري مقتول بوده، كه با وسيله نانچيكو به طرف رضا و

هادي هجوم آورده است به گونه اي كه رضا مجبور م يشود در مقابل جان خود و دوستش عكس العمل نشان دهد. قضاتبين طرفين دعوا سابقه خصومت و دشمني

… » محترم شعبه شانزدهم ديوانعالي كشور نيز اين موضوع را با اين استدلال كه

نبوده و اقدام كننده دعوا و نزاع، مقتول و فرد همراهش بودند كه با نانچيكو آقاي رضا علي نژاد و همراهش را مورد حمله قرار

داده و نامبرده را از ناحيه سر (پيشاني) با وسيله مذكور كه وسيله خطرناكي است مجروح و خوني نموده و نامبرده (رضا

علي نژاد) مدعي است به خاطر دفاع از خون خود كه از ناحيه مقتول در معرض خطر قرار گرفته اقدام به پِر دادن (چرخاندنبدون هدف

) كارد آشپزخانه اي كه همراهش بوده نموده و تصادفا به ناحيه گردن مقتول اصابت و موجب مرگ او گرديده، به حكم اعدام را نقص و پرونده را براي رسيدگي به « … نظر م يرسد مدافعات محكوم به قصاص مقرون به صواب مي باشد

شعبه ديگري ارجاع م ينمايند .

پرونده جهت رسيدگي مجدد به شعبه 101 دادگاه جزايي شهرستان فسا ارسال مي گردد و آن شعبه به اين استناد كه متهم

مي توانسته از صحنه درگيري فرار كند مجدد او را به قصاص نفس محكوم م ينمايد اين در حالي است كه دلايل و شواهد

موجود در پرونده مويد آن است كه رضا و هادي نمي توانستند از صحنه در گيري فرار كنند. به هر تقدير با اعتراض رضا

پرونده به ديوانعالي كشور ارجاع مي گردد و قضات هيات عمومي ديوانعالي كشور بدون در نظر گرفتن مسلّمات و واقعيات

پرونده حكم به قصاص نفس رضا عل ينژاد صادر مي نمايند.

اين حكم صرفنظر از آنكه رضا در مقام دفاع از جان خود و دوستش بوده و بدون سوءنيت بر ارتكاب قتل از كارد استفاده

كرده، به دليل آنكه سن قانون ياش در زمان ارتكاب جرم 17 سال بود بر خلاف مقررات بين المللي از جمله ميثاق بين المللي حقوق مدني و سياسي كه ايران به آن ملحق شده مي باشد چرا كه بند 6 ماده 5 ميثاق اعدام افراد زير 18 سال را ممنوع

كرده و دولتها را مكلف به تبعيت از اين مقرره نموده است.

امضا به پيوست


Reza Alinejad on wikipedia


Iranian teenager , Reza Alinejad who is facing execution in Iran  is now featured on Wikipedia. SCE team has in the past also helped shape, form and maintain similar pages for Nazanin Fatehi and Delara Darabi on the online encyclopdia.

Reza Alinejad on Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reza_Alinejad

SCE campaign on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_Child_Executions_Campaign

Which Islam? Asks Reza Alijenad's mother

In a phone conversation Reza Alinejad’s mother told Nazanin Afshin-Jam that she had visited her son in the prison and Reza seem to be keeping himself busy with making handicrafts such as woodworks, and tablecloths while in prison. His file is still awaiting review by head of Iranian Judiciaty Ayatollah Shahrudi.

Reza’s mother was very concerned about the plight of his son and Nazanin : ” I don’t know of any part of Islam that promotes execution of children and injustice”.  Reza’s mother thanked Nazanin and everyone who is fighting for her son’s rights.

Reza Alinejad beaten by prison officials along with other inmates

In a phone conversation with Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Reza Alijenad’s brother Ali said that two days ago a fight broke out in the prison where Reza is being held. Although Reza had nothing to do with the fight but the prison officials took him along with other prisoners and beat them. This has really upset Reza’s mother and family.

Ali also told Nazanin that they are a family of 9 (7 brothers and sisters). He explained that it was after nearly 5 years of imprisonment and after Reza’s execution became more imminent that his mother found Nazanin’s name and suggested Ali to ask for her help. He thanked Nazanin for introducing them to Reza’s lawyer, Mr. Mostafaei and for bringing attention to Reza’s pending execution order as Reza was unknown before. Ali added that they very much appreciate the efforts of all the people who have been helping bring awareness to Reza’s case.

Stop Child Executions Campaign demands an official investigation and a public report by the Iranian officials of the beating by prison officials.  SCE campaign has also notified Amnesty international of this brutality. 

You can read more about Reza Alinejad here. To help save Reza from execution please sign the Stop Child Executions petition and visit HOW YOU CAN HELP.