2 days to Delara’s Execution

Q: How can I help save Delara?!

Here are some ideas but you can come up with your own and let us know too:

  • Call, faxes and Email Iranian officials : http://scenews.blog.com/4817342/
  • Locate the Embassy or interest section of Iran in your home country and call, fax and email them
  • Send email to those on your email list, Post blogs and post bulletins at your social internet networks on Twitter, facebook, care 2, myspace, Orkut, etc. asking them to also take action.
  • Contact by phone, fax and email the media in your country and city and ask them to cover the news. (TV/Radio and Print Media -US Media can be found here)
  • Contact your country leaders & politicians, your local members of parliament and your minister of foreign affairs. (US Officials can be found here)
  • Contact International Organizations
  • Create and share your artwork , music, youtube videos, paintings, poems and writing about Delara with others on internet at schools and alike. Also send a copy to us at info@stopchildexecutions.com
  • Sign the stopchildexecutions petition at www.stopchildexecutions.com
Q. I go to high school and I want to know how my school friends can get more involved?
Q. I feel helpless , why there are no news on the media?
Once such human rights news comes out, it takes a day or two until mainstream media covers it. It also very much depends on the degree of the public and official attention to the matter, therefore your reactions makes a difference. Yesterday Amnesty International  and Agence France-Presse (AFP)  both reported the pending execution and some other international news agencies and websites in Europe and Asia are also reporting it. There has not been much exposure in the United States Media. You can see the latest current international coverage by typing DELARA DARABI in Google and clicking on the NEWS

Q. What is the latest news from Iran?
Delara’s attorney and family along with many ordinary people and human rights activists, artists and celebrities are trying to obtain the pardon of the the family of the victim. Due to international pressure, the government of Iran has pressured Delara’s father who is desperately trying to save Delara, to publicly but indirectly in a letter denounce the coverage of Delara’s situation and the SCE documentary that they participated in 3 years ago which has been broadcasted to Iran from in the Iranian opposition Satellite Televisions. However based on the history of prior harrasments of Delara and her family by officials of Islamic Republic which resulted in 2 years of silence by the family we know that Delara’s family is under pressure from the officials in Iran to make such desperate remarks.  In fact the attempt of officials of Islamic republic to silence Darabi family and Delara was an attempt to try to execute Delara with least attention in Iran and around the world and to try to shift the blame for the pending execution of  Darabi’s family’s on others. Delara has been a symbol of the struggle to Stop Child Executions in Iran and her picture is on the top of websites of the Stop Child Executions and her name on top of the SCE petition. Meanwhile Mr. Khoramshahi Delara’s attorney is also making his last efforts to obtain family’s pardon and also obtain an stay of the execution and a retrial to prove that Delara could not have been the cause of the alleged murder as she was a young petite and fragile left handed sensitive girl, a poet and a painter while her adult boyfriend who was only sentenced to 10 years imprisonment was right handed. Hossein is due to be released in 4 years. It is said that Hossein has contacts in the judiciary of city of Rasht. The demands to create the re-enactment of the crime scene has been denied for the past 6 years. Delara’s attorney Abdolsamad Khoramshahi is also the attorney for Iranian-American Journalist Roxanna Saberi who was sentenced yesterday in a one day closed court session to 8 years imprisonment under the accusation of spying for United States government.
Q. What has Stop Child Executions done since the news of the pending executions came out on Thursday?

Nazanin Afshin-Jam has directly contacted the United Nations Human Rights commission, Parliament members and officials in Canada and other countries and other human rights activists. Through our network of our volunteers we have distributed the news and action calls to our large internet networks (see below). We have notified some major news agency and human rights organizations and activists worldwide. Nazanin has just landed in Geneva for international summit on racism which is scheduled to speak and is attended by many politicians and 25 international human rights organizations. (http://www.genevasummit.org/)
Q. Are there any demonstrations planned?

Demonstrations require prior authorizations from local authorities and considering that we practically had 3 days since the news, 2 days of it being weekend, nothing could be arranged. However Amnesty International was able to schedule a demonstration in front of the Iranian Embassy in London at 9:00 am Monday morning. Although this may be after the scheduled execution time but sometimes executions are delayed and also Iranian officials are already aware of such demonstration. If you are in London Area please try to attend: http://scenews.blog.com/4823719/
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If you have any questions or last minute suggestions please contact us at mailto:info@stopchildexecutions.com  
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