Seminar in Iran on Child Executions


Attorney Mr. Mostafaei has reported in his blog about a seminar that just took place in Iran on executions of juveniles under the age of 18. He quoted juvenile on death row who has recently been paronded by the family of the victim, Hossein Toranj:

” I have spent 1725 days in prison. Believe it I have been executed 1725 times. I plead with Morteza’s family to please forgive me. I want to stay alive and because of this accident I ask you not to execute me”.

Hi mother reported having nightmares everyday about her being executed ever since he was given the death penalty verdict.

Mr. Mostafaei quoted a few others waiting for their 18th birthday to face the noose of death including : Behnam, Saeed, Behnoud, Mostafa, Hossein and other minors committing accidental crimes without wishing harm.
Birthdays have a different meaning for these children.  Every birthday they are reminded that they are approaching their 18th birthday and thus execution.
Mothers of Peace organization organized a gathering under the name “recognizing damage caused by sentencing juveniles accused of committing offences before the age of 18”.
In this seminar they have condemned the execution of children from  a psycological , social and legal point of view. A more detailed review of this gathering will be reported on our website so please keep tuned in.