8th child execution in 2008

Source: http://www.peykeiran.com/iran_news_body.aspx?ID=56589

The organization of collective human rights activists in Iran reported the execution of child offender Ahmad Zare’e .
His execution took place 10 days ago on the 5th of the Persian month of “Dey”  around Dec 30th 2008 . According to Peykeiran, Ahmad was 17 years old when he killed someone in a village on the outskirts of Sanandaj. In the early morning before his execution he was held in a special cell until he was executed in the courtyard of the prison. He was executed at the start of “Moharam”, a time when no executions are to take place. His body was given to his family for burial purposes. SCE regrets not ever having any information about Ahmad Zare’e.