Pictures of Reza Alinejad’s release from prison

This was Reza Alinejad’s picture 6 years ago when he was first imprisoned and sentenced to death.

These are his pictures now, the day of his release on December 3rd 2008:

Stop Child Executions would like to thank a wonderful lady in Japan who wishes to remain anonymous for her generous donation of $20 000 towards payment of blood money to the family of the victim.
Stop Child Executions does not directly collect donations for blood money as it can create a bad precedence for other children facing death row; however SCE facilitates connections between individuals and families who cannot afford the payment of blood money which could ultimately lead to the death of their loved ones.

Thank you again to all who helped save Reza Alinejad and those who continue to help support SCE in order to try and abolish the death penalty for children.