Iman Hashemi Pardoned by victim’s family

Source: Etemaad Newspaper- Iran
Translated by Iran Human Rights Voice:

Another youth, whose death sentence had been confirmed, managed to win clemency from the victim’s family and was saved from certain death. The case of Iman Hashemi, a 16 year-old youth who had committed a murder was filed on 3 Tir 1385 (June 24, 2006). He was charged with killing a young man identified as Amir, and later he was arrested by the Golpayegan police in Isfehan. Describing the day of incident, Iman said: “for the past two months Amir was saying bad things about me. On the day of incident, Amir got into a confrontation with my friend and to support my friend, I entered the fight. The confrontation happened in different sessions and Amir kept overcoming me, out of fear, so I threw a knife at him which killed him.”

The presiding judges in the Isfehan criminal court convicted Iman in trial and, once the case traversed its court procedures and reached its final state, the victim’s family members announced their clemency and in this way the young men was saved from certain death.