Execution order of Amir Amorllahi sent to prison

Kargozaraan: http://www.kargozaaran.com/ShowNews.php?26963

Iran’s judiciary has approved the death sentence of Amir Amrollahi, a juvenile who allegedly committed murder when he was 16 , Kargozaran newspaper said on Tuesday. Amir had “unintentionally stabbed a young man to death in a childish fight when he was 16, in November 2005,”  According to the newspaper , Amir’s execution order has already been sent to the prison and it is expected to take place within days.
A court in the southern city of Shiraz sentenced Amir to death and the verdict has been approved by the office of Iran’s judiciary chief, Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, it added.

The news has not yet been confimed by Amir’s attorney, Mohammad Mostafaei whose another client Reza Hejazi was executed today in Iran for an alleged crime at the age of 15 . Mostafaei was not notified about the execution.

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