Behnoud transferred for execution

Following is a letter that Stop Child Executions received today from the family of Behnoud Shojaee:

17 year old Behnoud in 25/5/1384 tried to stop a fight between 15 young people. During the incident unintentionally become involved in murdering a 19 year young man. The victim was killed by two different hits from two different weapons which could not be done by same person. Behnoud in a very fast investigation, and followed by that trail without the presence of his lawyer was convicted to first class murder, and death penalty. Behnoud lost his mother who was from diabetics when he was only 10 years old and lived with his father, who was heavily depressed due to grief of losing his wife. So he moved to live with his grandparents and he had a happy life with them who were well educated and religious people. He was a very talented, fresh, young man, and his hobbies were playing team sport activities and he had no criminal record up to the date of the incident. 
Now he has been moved to the especial department of the jail to wait for the execution.

The victim’s family has been contacted many times by different group of people including, charities, cinema stars, NGO, human rights activists, etc to ask for their forgiveness, as by the domestic law they are the only one who can forgive Behnoud and stop the execution permanently. Initially they agreed to receive $2,085,000 and forgive Behnoud, but then they reduced it to $625,000. Still Behnoud’s family who are mostly retired people, living on pension, can not afford to pay this amount of money and if they fail to do so Behnound will be executed.

(A bank account has been opened in Iran attempting to collect funds at Melli Bank, BaghFerdous branch, Account Number 717865 )