15 year old Kurdish boy executed in Iran : report says

Source: kurdishaspect.com

On July 31, 2008 Kurdish Aspect website reported that a 15 year old Kurdish Iranian boy was executed along with 4 adults for helping Kurdish PJAK guerrillas.

“Five people, one of whom was a fifteen-year-old boy, were executed in an open field in Tebriz. Iran disregarded the condition in Islam which bans the execution of people before reaching adulthood when it came to the fifteen-year-old Kurdish boy.” the website added.

“There are two main international agreements that ban the execution of children: Children’s Rights Agreement [of the UN General Assembly] and the [International Covenant on] Civil and Political Rights. Iran had approved both. Iran’s executions of children is expected to be brought up in a report in the UN General Assembly in September.” The website continued.

There were no mention of the name of the executed juvenile. There are at least 4 more juveniles known to have been executed so far in 2008. No other country is known to have executed a juvenile offender in 2008.

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