Executions of Behnoud Shojaee and Mohammad Fadaee postponed again

Execution of Mohamamd Fadaee and Behnoud Shojaee were postponed for the third time by the head of Iran’s judiciary. They were both scheduled to be hanged Wednesday Morning.

Behnoud’s execution was postponed for the third time while Mohammad’s execution was postponed indefinitely pending the a new trial and review of his file.

Last week in a joint press conference 24 human right organizations including Stop Child Executions demanded Iran to Stop the executions of Mohammad Fadaee, Behnoud Shojaee, Mohammad Jazee as well more than 132 other juveniles facing death penalty in Iran.

In a seperate statement European Union also condemned the scheduled executions. Islamic Regime in Iran is facing substantial international and internal pressure to abolish its practice of child executions which is direct violation of UN children right coneventions.