“The 9 year old little maid who never grew up”

By: Azarin Sadegh

A while ago I wrote a blog about Soghra Najafpour.  At that time, she hadn’t left the prison yet. She was forced to leave her home at 9 and was arrested when she was 12. She has been living in prison until last year. She’s changed since then.

Yes! she has changed. She has tasted the anxiety of freedom and the freedom itself, she has lived in fear of arrest and execution as a fugitive, and she has chosen to surrender to authorities…Now, she’s waiting for her execution.

It’s all she knows about living. Now I wonder if my old blog is still relevant or not. If her life still does worth saving or not? What if she has already made her choice?

I hear the darkness wrapping up her vision. A thick wall of silence is separating us from her. So we can discuss casually the politics and the war in Iraq and the terrible Zionists and the price of gas, while Soghra might already have made her choice.

And which price should we pay once she’s dead? Possibly some pity or a few nightmares. Considering my own past experience from that blog, we all know that what’s going to happen to her is not very important to most people here. 
 As if she didn’t believe in her own freedom. As if we never believed in her freedom. As if we have already made the choice for her. As if we never gave her this chance.

After all, who is Soghra Najafpour? Who is this 9 years old little maid who never grew up?