Letter of Mohammad Fadaee before execution

translated by Iran Human Rights

Mohammad writes: “I am a 21 year old young man, who was only 16 when entered prison. Like any other teenagers, still living my childhood dreams. Fear of university Entrance Exam had not entered my life yet. A sweet anxiety that I have envied since.”

The letter continues by describing his imprisonment. How when he voluntarily went to the police station to report a fight of which he was a witness and his attempt to break up the fight, but he was arrested instead.

He continues: “ times I had spent in Agaahi (which is an Intelligence prison), were the worse days of my life. I had

nightmares every ngiht. I was beaten and flogged repeatedly. Those times when they hanged me from the ceiling left me with no hope in living. Any time, any person passing by, would kick me, torture me, to the point that one night I said to them, enough is enough, write whatever you want, I’ll sign. Half an hour later, they put a paper in front of me. Without knowledge of what is in the letter, they forced me to finger print it (a term used as a signature), God is my witness, I did not know what I had signed. Later I found out that it was a confession to murder. Afterwards, my family hired two lawyers whom unfortunately turned out to be crooks”

“They asked me to write my will the night I was going to be hanged. I didn’t know what a “will” was. When they put the noose around my neck, I closed my eyes and asked my God for help. Just few seconds before hanging, it was halted, because they found out that my lawyers were fake. When I was coming down from the stairs, once again I saw hope and felt I am going back to the school again!”

Mohammad writes in another paragraph of his letter: “Once again, I’m awaiting death sentence, I’m no longer afraid of death. I have lived with it for years now. It’s been years that its nightmare has frightened me. It has been years since they have hanged my dreams before hanging me. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t tell my mother, this may be my last phone call, and there is not a day that my mother does not cry.”

“I still can not believe that I will be dead in a few days. I can’t believe that I have to go up the same steps for them to place the rope around my neck. Almighty God has been my only hope and companion, to whom I pray and talk with”.

In last paragraph, Mohammad asks all those concern, to take actions (for him and many other teenagers with similar fate).

He ends and signs his letter by “ with hope for life”

Mohammad Fadaei is one of the minor offenders who is scheduled to be executed on June 11