Nazanin talks to Mohammad Latif after his release

After six months campaigning for the life of Mohammad Latif, a boy on death row, co-founder of the Stop Child Executions campaign, Nazanin Afshin-Jam spoke to Mohammad Latif on the phone for the first time since his release from prison last week.

Mohammad Latif spent over three years in jail for a crime he says he committed in self defence. Mohammad said that he accidentally killed 18-year-old Mansour while trying to take away the attackers knife. After mediation between families, Mansour’s family decided to give pardon to Mohammad and have him released from jail.

Mohammad said it feels like he has started a new life. He is having to readjust to “normal” life after having spent three years in prison. He acquired problems with mobility of his legs and his eyesight has deteriorated considerably while in prison. He says he has not quite adjusted to the hustle bustle of everyday life and does not have much tolerance for loud noises, busy streets and crowds. He says that hopefully these things will subside in the near future.

Since his release last week he has spent time on vacation with his family. Soon he will return home to decide his future. He said he may have to work to help pay the debts that his father has acquired while he was in prison; otherwise his wish is to be able to return to school in hopes of one day becoming an electrical engineer. Mohammad who was imprisoned at the age of 14 has finished junior high school and did not have a chance to start high school.

He said that he cannot express how happy he is to be free and how thankful he is to Nazanin and all those who helped him in the process leading up to his freedom. His mother took the opportunity to express her gratitude and said that she is continuously praying for all the wonderful people who helped her son.

Shortly after release of Mohammad, his brother, on behalf of the family sent letters to thank Nazanin Afshin-Jam, David Etebari, attorney Mostafaei, all the Stop Child Execution Campaign volunteers and everyone who helped saved Mohammad from execution: