Our "crocodile tears" !!

In a statement titled “crocodile tears on the cheeks of divisionists” the public relations of the courts of city Kermanshah , where Makwan Moloudzadeh was executed last month, referred to Makwan as a “villain with background”. They referred to the execution as the mean to bring the “sense of security” and “public satisfaction”. The judiciary blamed the “centers of creation of propaganda” for the lying about Makwan. They further blamed Makwan’s attorney for abusing words such as “innocent” and “child” in order to influence the public emotions.

“ Where historically or geographically a 21 year old youth is considered a child, an expression that these nanny’s kinder than mother are using?” they asked in their statement.  “Execution for sexual crimes from the standpoint of a Muslim is valid without a doubt” and the objections have no “religious, sharia or legal” basis, they added.
The Judiciary of Kermanshah has also filed a suit against Makwan’s attorney who is questioning the judiciary of Kermanshah for breaking the laws by executing Makwan without : allowing the file review to be completed, due process, or informing his family and lawyer 48 hours prior to the execution.

In her blog, Mitra Kahalatbari the reporter of Etemaad-Meli newspaper who has been following Makwan’s case responded to the letter by asking: if Makwan was such an experienced villain “why did the population of town of Paveh attended his funeral to the extent that the whole town was nearly closed? Isn’t it strange that people would attend the funeral of a local villain while they should have been pleased to hear of the news of his execution?”

She further asked:” Why are you mixing things up? What we are asking is that you comply with what you have agreed to (ICCPR and CRC) which is about not executing child offenders under 18. That does not mean that you wait untill a 15 year old grows to be 20 and then execute him!”. She also questioned the validity of the local judiciary’s claim that they had no order from Iran’s head of judiciary to halt the execution!

Makwan was sentenced to death for alleged homosexuality with three boys at the age of 13. The claimants later had confessed that they had lied about the claim and the court has provided no other basis for their guilty verdict.

In another news the father of Makwan stated that prior to burial they noticed that both of Makwan’s arms were broken. “This shows that even Makwan was unaware of his execution” and he must have struggled not to be taken for execution.

Makwan must have been in crucial pain from two broken arms while being executed. Such torturous and inhumane treatment of prisoners by the authorities of the Islamic regime in Iran is a gross violation oh human rights.

The execution of Makwan Moloudzadeh was strongly condemned by UN human rights commissioner and worldwide.