Will You Take the Time To Save a Life ?

By Sasha

Someone asked several legitimate questions in reference to the impending death of Ali Mahin-Torabi: “Is human life sacred? Or, delivering justice is sacred? Or, ˜Nothing is sacred.?” In my opinion, every human life is sacred and precious. Who has the right to decide who dies, when, where, why and how many people will die?  

Delivering justice is important in a civilized society to keep order but it has to be done with due process. There has to be sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person is guilty of a crime. Especially, an alleged crime in which the death penalty is imposed. If it is later found that the person was innocent, you cannot return their life to them.
“There are no refunds, exchanges or returns.” Death is as final as it gets in this world. There have been actual people on death row that have been wrongly accused and executed only to find out years after their execution that they were innocent. It has even happened here in the “good old” USA. Now imagine being accused, given a speedy trial based on hearsay, unreliable witnesses, and circumstantial evidence, and being sentenced to death.

The majority of us know that the current court systems in Iran, the U.S. and other countries have problems. No court system is perfect. This is why certain international laws have been put into place like the United Nations Convention on The Rights of the Child, in which it is forbidden to impose capital punishment on a person who was under 18 years old at the time of an alleged offense.
Ali Mahin-Torabi was most definitely at the wrong place at the wrong time and because of it, he is now on death row. The alleged crime occurred when he was 16 years old and he is now 21. When someone has very few options if any to turn to for help, it is when organizations like Stop Child Executions Campaign, and Amnesty International step in to try to remind us that every life matters.

Ali Mahin-Torabi’s case could have easily have been one of my sons or nephews. They are normally great kids but all it takes is a few minutes to ruin the rest of their lives. The teenage years are the most trying times for kids and for the parents who love them dearly. I truly do feel for Mazdakâ’s parents loss and if I could bring back their son, I would, but the thing is two wrongs do not make anything right. Ali Mahin-Torabiâ’s death will not lessen their pain or loss and it will certainly not bring their son back.
Now, in answer to the above question ” Or, Nothing is sacred?”: My answer is “Yes, life is sacred and precious”.  When something as important as the life of another Human being really matters to someone, you not only make the time but you forget about being afraid of being visible and you will take all the insults they throw at you to defend their very last breath

I decided it was time I practiced what I preached. So now, I ask the readers to practice what you preach. Will you take the time to save the life of another human being like Ali Mahin-Torabi? There are so many others in prison and on death row in Iran. Some of them are political prisoners and activists that were simply trying to make a change in Iran, as someone on this site mentioned as part of the “Evolutionary” process in Iran. It does not take much time to write a couple of emails and to sign some petitions. However, that time that you give could save a life.