Ali's "eyes" are with me everywhere

Ali’s “eyes” in this picture are with me everywhere these days.
In my mind’s eye I see him
in my coffee cup, on the ceiling before
i turn the bed-side light off at night ,
on the road although I’m driving.

I see his eyes in the mirror when
I look at myself, and then I see a lot of other people, young girls and boys in those
prison cells, scared and lonely, some with little or no hope….
I just pray and hope and wish that
these young people will get “fair trials” and not be executed.
I hope the parents of the victims are at this time, before the law changes, somehow with some help from above, able to look beyond revenge.
Their pain is immesurable, they must have cried rivers , but taking another young life will not remedy their deep pain and sorrow.
Yet…. it is easy for me to say all this ; I haven’t walked one step in any of these people’s shoes…
But these days Ali’s “eyes” are with me everywhere…
to me his eyes are representative of many young eyes -and some older ones too.
I hope to see his eyes smiling … soon, very soon

By: Anonymous