The "Genocide" of "Executing" A "Youth"

By: Shae’r

From The Dawn Of Creation ..
Given To Us Humans ..
The Power of Compassion ..

Though I May Be A Youth, Father ..
Nevertheless ..
I Beckon For Help ..
In The Bosom Of My Society ..
My Brethren ..
The Taste For Blood ..
And, The Angst For Justice ..
Prevails ..
My Fellow Brothers ..
Let’s Reason Together ..
What Good Would Come Out Of ..
Killing Another ..
We Grieve For The Kid Already Lost ..
Let’s Not Make Two Grieving Families ..
My Brothers ..
It’s Better To Give Mercy Than To Receive One ..
May The Parents of The Kid Already Lost ..
Be Moved To Forgiveness ..
Knowing Full Well ..
That The Angels In Heaven ..
Have Already Cried For One Kid ..
Let’s Not Make them ..
Cry For Another ..
Go In Peace ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r