Who is who at Stop Child Executions Campaign?

Here are the team of SCE volunteers who campaign to Stop Child Executions worldwide:

Nazanin Afshin-Jam Canada (co -founder, outreach, writer, spokesperson)
David Etebari USA (co-founder , Campaign coordinator, Research, Translation, Writer)
Kristian Norway (web & email Management)
Donna Greene Australia (Art/Design/web)
D.W. Duke USA (Writer – Lawyer – Research – SCE disussion forum )
Melanie Needham Canada (SCE myspace site – Art)
Dave Rea USA (care2.com site )
Lucy Biltz USA (mySpace Delara Darabi page, SCE Newsletter)
Mojgan USA (iranian.com blog)

There are also 100’s of supporters and organizations worldwide, without whom this campaign would not have been possible.

Thank you ALL !