Norway protests against Soghra's execution order

Following the initial report by Stop Child Execution followed by Amnesty International, the news of the pending execution of Soghra Najafpour is rapidly expanding in many countries:

Yesterday the Norwegian Foreign Ministry summoned the Iranian regime’s ambassador to Oslo to protest against a decision to execute Soghra Najafpour , for a crime she was alleged to have committed when she was only 12.

Soghra Najafpour, 31 old female, was jailed 18 years ago for alleged murder of an eight-year-old boy. At the time she was working as a child servant for the boy’s family. She says that the father of the family killed his son accidentally.

Elisabeth Walaas, deputy Foreign Minister, in a statement said that the execution of individuals who were under 18 at the time of committing a crime is in breach of international conventions in which the regime is a party.

Walaas reiterated that Norway and other countries had protested against execution of children in Iran over the recent years and underlined the importance of international pressures to stop these executions.

Source: NCRI – Wednesday October 24, 2007