URGENT: Soghra to be executed immediately, she is in hiding

Late last night ,the Stop Child Execution Campaign received an email from Nasrin Sotoudeh, the attorney of Soghra Najafpour stating that Soghra can be executed within 2 days (Iran Time). Immediately, Nazanin Afshin Jam called  Mrs. Sotoudeh for more detail :

After the parents of the alleged victim officially demanded Soghra’s execution, her family were notified that Soghra must report back to the prison authorities within 5 days. This was only 3 weeks after her release from prison on bail after 18 years of imprisonment. Once Soghra realized that upon return to prison she would be executed she ran away scared and has not been seen ever since. 

At this time she has two more days to turn herself. Upon return to prison or arrest she will immediately be taken to be executed.
Meanwhile without disclosing her whereabouts, Soghra has made a phone call and stated that she is extremely scared and is on the verge of having an stroke and this situation is worse than death for her.

Soghra was imprisoned since the age of 12. She was once taken to be executed at the age of 17 but was saved because the alleged victim’s family changed their mind at the last minute. Soghra was freed on bail 3 weeks ago at the age of 30. All the attempts to mediate with the family of the alleged victim has failed and they have been insisting on Soghra’s execution.

Soghra is accused of killing the child of an influential doctor in the city of Rasht while she lived with the family as a maid, since the age of 9. Soghra has denied the charges. According to confirmed medical reports Soghra was also molested while living with the family. Although the Doctor has stated that he would be willing to pardon Soghra, his wife upon finding out about Soghra’s release has insisted on her execution, stating that by reporting the molestation 18 years ago Soghra had jeopardized the family’s name and honor. Nothing was done by Iranian authorities about the confirmed molestation charges except sentencing Soghra to death at the age of 13.

Stop Child Execution campaign has been in direct contact with Amnesty International in the past two days providing information about this case. SCE and Nazanin Afshin-Jam are also in process of contacting United Nations, European Union, Canadian authorities and other international organizations.

It is extremely important that everyone contact the media as well as international organizations and governments about Soghra’s imminent execution (visit SCE’s how you can help page for more information: http://www.stopchildexecutions.com/how-you-can-help.aspx )

Stop Child Execution condemns the renewal of the execution order of Soghra Najafpour and demand the government of Islamic republic of Iran to adhere to its obligations under the article 6.5 of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and article 37(a) of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). We further request the United Nations, European Union and other world governments and organizations to demand the Iranian authorities to reverse and stop the executions order of Soghra and to give Soghra another chance to live her life in freedom after 18 years of imprisonment under the fear of death for the past 18 years.

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