Children's journey of death [ 1 ]

Based on a report (in Dari) sent to Stop Child Execution Campaign by the 
Afghanistan Independent human rights commission  ( :

Ghoorian is one of the 15 villages in the Herat province of Afghanistan. The village is located 75 kilometer from city of Herat and near the Iranian border. The villagers are mostly farmers or Sheppard. The area has suffered from many years of war and drought and a group of locals have been making a living from smuggling narcotics to Iran. Due to lack of central government control the drug smuggling business turned to a lucrative business for these armed smugglers (Afghanistan is the largest producer of opium in the world).  Extremely poor children (below 18 years of age), some of the war orphans are usually defrauded to help smuggle a form of expensive narcotic known as “Crystal meth’ across the border to Iran.

The smugglers place about 200 to 1000 gram of crystal inside a tightly tied cloth covered with plastic and make the children swallow them. Then they cross the children across the border with false passports. As soon as the crystals are swollen the children have to start their journey or the bags could open if not discharged within 24 hours which would lead to the child’s death. This method of smuggling was discovered by Iranian border police in the past few years and as a result tens of Afghan children were arrested after crossing the border to Iran. Few children have already been executed by Iranian authorities while the smugglers who used these kids are still freely roaming in the Afghan villages.

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