Interview of radio Pezhvak with father of Behnam Zare

In an interview with the Iranian radio Pezhvak in Europe (in persian) , father of Behnam Zare stated that he has not been allowed to visit his son for the past 45 days and ever since Behnam’s final execution decree was approved by Iran’s Head of judiciary.

Mr. Zare said that his son has been imprisoned for more than 2 years and his mother has been crying every night ever since. He told the radio that the alleged victim was fighting his son for 16 months and was responsible for breaking Behnam’s nose and one of his teeth who was only 15 at the time. He stated that he did not file a complaint because they were neighbors and family and instead he had complained to the family of the other boy. Behnam’s father told Radio Pezhvak that both children had knives and Behnam stabbed the alleged victim sooner than the other boy after they got in to fight again. 

Behnam’s father is a farmer in a vilage in central Iran. His income is about $700 dollars per year and because of his low income he could not even afford to visit his son for one year.

During the interview Behnam’s father stated that he personally knows families of 2 other children in the Adel-abad prison of Shiraz, Iran where his son is kept. 

Behnam’s father pleaded to United Nations and other authorities to help save his son from execution.