Nazanin talks to mothers of Delara Darabi and Reza Alinejad

Nazanin Afshin-Jam spoke with Reza Alinejad’s mother this morning who informed her that Reza’s file had been sent to Tehran and that decisions were being made. With the lawyers that are helping him in Iran and the support from the International communtiy, they are hoping for a positive outcome. Reza mother’s reported that her son is happier since having moved to a different cell in prison. He is a more comfortable with the new inmates that he has come into contact with and says there are not the same amount of fights that used to take place in his old division.
Nazanin Afshin-Jam also spoke with Delara Darabi’s mother this morning who said that Delara’s file seems to be stagnant and they have no idea what is taking place or what will take place. Mrs. Darabi admitted that although Delara seems to be happier with the environment of her new prison cell, she is still not doing very well, because “prison is prison afterall”. Her family tries to continue  to bring  hope to Delara.