UNICEF taking a more active role to stop child executions in Iran

In its monthly meeting in Tehran, UNICEF analyzed the children Laws in Iran. Dr. Mozenzadeh, an Iranian university professor of Law was the guest speaker at this meeting. In his speech after comparing the children laws before and after revolution said: “Unfortunately with respect to child offenders the lawmakers have not established a minimum legal age for children and this is in violation of the (International) Conventions.” He called the different legal age of 9 for Iranian girls vs. 15 for boys ” Discriminatory and unlawful”. In conclusion Dr. Mozenzadeh said he is hopeful that the present flaws of the parliamentary bill which is currently under revision would be sufficiently improved
Due to raised awareness and international pressure, Unicef has recently taken a more active role in promotion of justice for Iranian children and in trying to stop child executions. They have been organizing workshops in different cities to familiars Iranian authorities with children rights. According to a Iranian newspaper a representative of Christian Salazar Walkman, envoy of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Iran, was among those who appeared at the recently scheduled execution of Sina Paymard to remind Iranian authorities of their obligation under UN Children Rights Conventions.