Nazanin Fatehi 's nightmares












Photo Courtesy: Nader Davoodi

In a phone conversation with Nazanin Afshin-Jam,  Nazanin Fatehi said that she is now attending school. Nazanin only has elementary school education because she had to help her parents with raising other children while they both had to work to support.

Nazanin said that her grandmother and that her mother is also suffering from much swellings on her feet and ankles. Her father was also hospitalized for a surgery, therefore they have much financial hardship. 

Nazanin said that she has been having hard time sleeping at nights and she often stays awake the whole night because she feels frightened, as if someone is following her.

Obviously an attempted rape which resulted in murder followed by 3 years of imprisonment while waiting to be executed at a young age has had substantial emotional toll on Nazanin.

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