The Blood money was raised. Sina Paymard will be released: Iranian Newspaper

According to an Sarmayeh, an Iranian newspaper, Nasrin Sotoudeh, the attorney of Sina Paymard today stated that the additional apx. $90,000 blood money demanded by the family of the alleged victim was raised and after necessary paperwork, Sina Paymard is expected to be freed.

Family of the alleged victim had requested approximately $160,000. Sina’s father had raised the initial $80,000 .  “I have sold everything we own” he said. Remainder of the blood money was paid by Dr. Rasul Ganji, an Iranian university professor. 

Under Iran’s Islamic Ghisas law, anybody who kills another person has to pay compensation to the victim’s family who can refuse it and demand the murderer to be executed.  The official blood money, cash paid out in the case of violent death, is set at 350 mln rials (37,600 dollars) for a man, and half that for a woman.

Nasrin Sotoudeh said: ” I am proud, In addition Dr. Ganji, other funds were contributed by human rights activists and Iranians.” . Iranian “Judiciary should not leave the decision about childrens lives to the families of the alleged victims, this is a violation of justice”. She added. 

Mrs. Sotoudeh will will start the adminstrative process to finalize the case towards Sina’s freedom on Saturday which is the first Iranian business weekday.