Imprisonment is not Islamic according to Iran's head of judiciary

According to ISNA news agency during the weekly meeting of Iran’s highest judiciary, the head of Iran’s juiciary, Ayatollah Shahrudi today said: ” From the viewpoint of Islamic Sharia, the issue of imprisonment is in conrtast with the the Islamic penal rules. Imprisonment in Islam is very limited. In fact the more widespread use of imprisonment as a punishment and penalty has been one of the politics of the infidel regimes throughout the human history” .  
“Imprisonment is being excessively in Iran’s penal laws. “  He added
Islamic fundamentalists believe that depending on the nature of the crime, physical punishmentes such as flogging, chopping hands, removal of eyes, Stoning and executions should be used instead of imprisonemnt.  In the past two months 2 children were executed by Ayatollah Shahrudi’s approval.
به گزارش ايسنا آيت الله هاشمي شاهرودي در جلسه اين هفته مسوولان عالي قضايي گفت؛ از ديدگاه فقه اسلامي بحث زندان خلاف سياست کيفري اسلامي بوده و موارد حبس و زنداني کردن در اسلام بسيار محدود است. واقعيت اين است که استفاده گسترده از حبس و زندان به عنوان کيفر و مجازات از جمله سياست هاي حکومت هاي طاغوتي در طول تاريخ بشر بوده است.