"Delara’s innocence is as clear as a day to me": Delara's attorney

This morning Nazanin Afshin-Jam spoke with Abdolsamad Khramshahi, the counsel for Delara Darabi about the recent developments.

Mr. Khoramshahi stated that as far as he is concerned, the fact that Delara’s ex-boyfriend Amir Hossein has accepted the charges of being an accomplice to the murder is an attempt on his part to avoid the truth coming out of the appeal process. Mr., Khoramshahi questioned otherwise why would someone who claimed to be innocent would be willing to spend 13 years of his life in prison? Khoramshahi said this shows Amir Hossein’s true character as someone who is willing to see Delara executed than facing the consequences of his own action. Delara’s attorney explained that in his view the decision of Amir Hossein to no longer pursue the appeal would play a positive role in public opinion as to innocence of Delara Darabi.

When he was asked why the two cases were being handled separate from each other, he referred to the history of the case that he became Delara’s attorney two years after Delara’s imprisonment when her initial execution order was already issued. Khoramshahi said that Delara’s previous attorney had not even appeared in the first court and only the attorney for Amir Hossein was present there and the judge instead of issuing a continuance had asked 17-year-old Delara to defend herself in a life and death case!!

Khoramshahi explained that after he was assigned as the attorney he appealed the initial ruling and told the court that Delara could not have been the cause, because she is left-handed. In response the judge had promised  that If it was proven to him that Delara is left-handed he would reconsider the verdict. Khoramshahi asked the court to make necessary inquiries from experts, interview Delara’s school teachers etc to verify that she is left handed.  Five months later although the judge verified that Delara is left handed but despite his promise he mysteriously still confirmed the death sentence! According to Mr. Khoramshahi therefore the case was already determined at that time.

When asked about the reason behind the continuous denial of reenactment of the crime scene, he explained that “ I have played the scene in my mind numerous times and it is so obvious to me that Delara could not have been the cause of the murder”. “According to Amir Hossein’s defense he claimed to have been holding the victim from the back while Delara was stabbing the victim while standing behind Amir Hossein. The stabbing was done on the right side of the victim. “ How could Delara so easily reach the victim to cause 14 wounds while she was behind Amir Hossein? And Considering that supposedly the victim’s back was to Delara how could Delara cause the wounds to the right side of victim with her left hand.

“Delara is a very fragile and delicate girl and an artist. The 14 wounds were deep, she could not have caused them”. Mr., Khoramshahi also brought up the lack of financial and personal motive for killing her father’s cousin.

“Based on available the evidences even a child can conclude that Delara is not guilty. I am not intending to make a hero out of Delara. It is obvious that when someone is murdered justice must be served. I can not even see an ant get killed, but also Delara’s innocence is as clear as a day to me”.

Khoramshahi is still hopeful that based on the available evidences and other deficiencies in judiciary procedures, the head of judiciary Ayatollah Shahrudi would order a new trial. This remains to be Delara’s last hope.

Mr. Khoramshahi also repeated his view that until the parliamentary bill to stop child executions in Iran is passed and until it becomes a law, Iran judiciary should halt all child executions.

Khoramshahi also thanked Nazanin Afshin-Jam, SCE Campaign and everyone who has been trying to raise awareness about Delara Darabi and other children facing execution in Iran.