More support for SCE Campaign by human rights advocates

Stop Child Executions Campaign continues to gain support among Human Rights organizations, writers, artists and advocates. Nazanin Afshin-Jam and SCE campaign thank Miss Neda Shahidyazdani (USA) and Mr. Tarek Fateh (Canada) for their support of the campaign to end child executions:

6375. Neda Shahidyazdani USA Human Rights Lawyer

Ms. Shahidyazdani is an Iranian human rights lawyer at the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center where she helped to author a recently released report on the persecution of the Bahá’í religious minority in Iran. Her professional work has also concentrated on the rights of minorities. Ms. Shahidyazdani has assisted with projects at Human Rights First and the Center for International Law at New York Law School.   

6409. Tarek Fatah Canada Founder, Muslim Canadian Congress

Tarek Fatah is a secular Muslim Canadian political activist, writer and TV host. Founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress , Fatah’s advocates separation of religion and state in Isalic countries, opposition to Sharia law, and promotes what he calls a “progressive” form of Islam 

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Fatah a student at the time was imprisoned under military governments and charged with sedition. A biochemist by training, Fatah entered journalism as a reporter for the Karachi Sun in 1970, and went on to become an investigative journalist for Pakistani television. He was fired after the coup that brought General Zia ul-Haq to power, and fled to Saudi Arabia, where he lived for a decade. In 1987, he emigrated to Canada and settled in Toronto.  He is host of the Muslim Chronicle TV show since 1996, which airs Saturday nights on CTS-TV. Tarek is also a frequent guest on many TV shows and has written for the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail and TIME Magazine.

After receiving a series of death threats by Muslim extremists, in August 2006 Tarek Fatah resigned as the director of the Muslim Canadian Congress, severing all official ties with the organization he helped found. “It’s not just for me. It’s for my wife and my daughters” He said.

Fatah is the author of Chasing a Mirage: The Islamic State or a State of Islam, to be published in 2008.