To Delara Darabi

I still believe in life
where the smiles of colors on the body of paper
paints the words of love
with my nostalgic sentiments

I love the pulse of earth in the spring
for its blossoms have crossed the winter
to plant its flowers on the walls of my impatience

I still believe in living life
as I avoid counting the pulses
of the visiting prisoners

I despise execution of love
along the noose
above the stool of death

I adore the laughter of love
as it defines freedom
in the extension of history

I wish to embrace love
with all its colors
for it awaits the caress of my touch

I trust my hands with you
to translate kindness with words of freedom 
to define the justice in my life
for the small world of my glances
under the blue sky of my colors

I am afraid of justice of Quran
on the small surface of my body
I am scared of passing the line
that ends on top the execution stool
I despise this wall of impatience
for it is hauling the word of prison

I experience Life with its words
Freedom with depth of its screams
Humanity with its kindness
War deep within its shame
Love with all its colors
Prison in the black of my eyes
Resistance in the silence of my loneliness
Peace in its spring like smiles

and I am in love with the colors of life
like the flights of birds to infinity 
I am the prisoner of colors

From a Persian poem by Y. safaei