European support of SCE campaign multiplies

As Nazanin Afshin-Jam enters the United Kingdom on her last media campaign stop, the number of signatures on the SCE petition exceeded 4000 with a surge in signatures from UK. Today Mr. Peter Hulme Cross, member of city of London Assemly signed the petition.

4068. Peter Hulme Cross United Kingdom Member of the London Assembly

While in London, in a meeting with Amnesty International UK, Nazanin discussed more joint cooperation between SCE campaign and Amnesty International.

Stop Child Executions campaign also received substantial public support from the French. While in France Nazanin took every media and TV opportunity to raise awareness about the Child Executions in Iran.

On another front the growing support from Swedish Parliament members has been extraordinary (40 to date). Nazanin Afshin-Jam and SCE campaign thank the honorable members of the Parliament of Sweden for their continuous unparallel support:

3717. Siv Holma Sweden parlamentarian
3784. Eva Selin Lindgren Sweden MP
3783. Per Bolund Sweden Member of Parliament
3762. Gunvor G Ericson Sweden member of parlament
3825. Birgitta Sellén Sweden MP
3993. Solveig Zander Sweden MP
3983. Eva Flyborg Sweden MP
3969. Maria Lundqvist-Brömster Sweden Member of parliament
3968. Maria Kornevik Jakobsson Sweden Riksdagsledamot
3965. Christer Winbäck Sweden Member of parliament
3946. Kristin Oretorp Sweden MP
4012. Holger Gustafsson Sweden Member of parliament (MP)
4010. Solveig Hellquist Sweden Member of Parliament
4063. Tina Acketoft Sweden MP
4095. Tina Ehn Sweden Member of Parliament
4145. barbro westerholm Sweden Member of Parliament
4143. Max Andersson Sweden Member of Parliament
4104. Bodil Ceballos Sweden MP