Iran taken off UN human rights watch list !

In an interview with German Radio Deutsche Welle and in response to the March report by the United Nations Special Rapporteur regarding execution of children in Iran , the Iranian nobel prize winner and human rights attorney Shirin Ebadi said:

” Unfortunately according to our laws, the age of criminal punishment in Iran for a girl is 9 years old and for a boy is 15. That is the cause of executions of those under the age of 18. Not only (execution) verdicts are given but they are have also been exercised . The contents of the (UN) report is very accurate”

” When a 16 year old child commits a crime, they issue the death sentence. They keep the child until s/he is over 18 and then proceed with the execution. In reality this is a multiple torture. Assume being someone who everyday has to turn the pages of the calendar to see when you are 18 years old to be killed. This multiple torture that is committed by Government of Iran in reality is an extreme and repeated violation of human rights,” said Shirin Ebadi.

Despite such human rights violation reports about Iran, the government of Islamic Republic of Iran is now removed from the United Nations human rights watch list! Ms. Ebadi in reaction to this decision said that she was ” disappointed that governments totally ignored such reports” and instead resorted to “political comprise and give and takes in the UN human rights council”
Stop Child Executions Campaign regrets this action by the country members of UN human rights Council. Such decisions undermine the principals of the United Nations and it’s role in monitoring its own international mandates and it only serves as a green light to those governments and groups who have no respect for the human rights and accepted international standards of the world community.
Source: Deutsche Welle Radio- Persian language